Which country is the biggest exporter of Cheese?

Which country is biggest cheese exporter

Which country is the biggest exporter of Cheese? Cheese total export in 2021 was 32.2 billion dollar. Cheese is a dairy product made from cow, goat, sheep, or other mammal milk. Typically, it is made by combining milk with rennet or another acidic material, which causes the milk’s proteins to coagulate and form curds.  After being removed from the whey, the Cheese goes through further processing, including salting, shaping, and aging, to create flavor and texture.

There are several types of Cheese, each with a taste, texture, and look completely distinct. However, The popular cheese varieties are as follows.

  •  Cheddar
  •  Mozzarella
  • Brie
  • Feta,
  • Gouda
  • Blue Cheese

We use Cheese as a versatile ingredient in a wide range of meals. We may also serve Cheese on its own, as part of a cheese plate, or with other components.

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Which country is the biggest exporter of Cheese?

country wise cheese exporter

Cheese ranked 105th on the list of most-traded products globally in 2021, with a total transaction value of $33.2 billion. In addition Cheese exports increased by 1.5% from 2019 to 2020, from $32.7 billion to $33.2 billion worldwide. Moreover, Cheese trade accounts for 0.2% of the total trade in goods worldwide.

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Additionally, Now we will answer the question: Which country is the biggest exporter of Cheese?

The list of the biggest exporters of Cheese is shown below in 2021

NoCountry nameExport in US dollar%age share of total export
1Germany5.4 billion14.7
2Netherlands4.6 billion12.4
3Italy4.2 billion11.5
4France3.8 billion10.3
5USA1.81 billion4.9
6Denmark1.75 billion4.8
7NE Zealand1.5 billion4
8Belgium1.3 billion3.5
9Ireland1.24 billion3.4
10Belarus1.19 billion3.2
11Poland1.1 billion3
12Austria812 million2.2
13Switzerland797 million2.2
14Australia782 million2.1
15United Kingdom778 Million2.1