The ultimate guide on Amazon virtual assistant

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Amazon virtual assistant job in Pakistan is the talk of the town. Did you ever consider quitting your 9-to-5 corporate job and starting your own business? Do you long for the independence and adaptability of working from home online?

Are you a socially shy who prefers to work at home in bed? In such a case, being an Amazon virtual assistant is a step toward realizing your goals. It’s a great opportunity to establish your hours, break the rules, and make a lot of money. What do you think?

 The next step is to learn how to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant by following the instructions.

What is Amazon?

The biggest online retailer in the world and a well-known cloud service provider is Amazon (

Amazon began as an online bookstore and has evolved into an internet-based firm primarily offering digital streaming, Cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and e-commerce services.

Customers may purchase just about anything from the company’s massive product selection, including apparel and beauty products to gourmet cuisine and jewelry, books and movies, electronics and pet supplies, furniture, and garden items.

Even though the company’s main office is in Seattle, it maintains a global network of websites and other operations like software development, customer support, data storage, and order fulfillment all over the globe

Jeff Bezos established Amazon on July 5, 1994, in his Bellevue, Washington, garage.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants work for themselves in business as freelancers or independent contractors who do administrative, marketing, or business-related activities to free up your time to concentrate on growing your company.

Often referred to as “virtual office assistants,” they might assist you with a limited number of activities each month, or they can become an integral part of your company’s daily operations. Experts in specialized industries or jobs, such as accountancy or marketing, may work with virtual assistants who provide a wider range of services. As long as their schedules and availability are compatible with yours, you may engage a virtual assistant from anywhere globally. You’ll need a computer and an internet connection to chat with them.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Virtual assistants work from a distance to help you operate your Amazon company more efficiently. Virtual assistants provide a wide range of services tailored to each client’s abilities. In other words, you’ll be responsible for anything a company owner gives you to do. Customer service, advertising, product sourcing, and other duties may fall within your purview.

Selling procedures on Amazon

  • Fulfilled by Amazon FBA
  • Fulfilled by merchant FBM

Fulfilled by Amazon FBA

Make your seller account and list your Product. After that, send your product bulk to Amazon where house. When Amazon gets an order from a customer, it will automatically pack your Product and send it to the customer. This facility is also called you sell it, and we ship it. At the end of the process, Amazon will deduct his commission, and the remaining payment will transfer to your account.

Fulfilled by Amazon FBA

Create your Amazon seller account and list your products on the Amazon marketplace. Whenever any customer places an order from your Product, Amazon will notify you through Email with the customer’s details, like product quantity, payment method, address, etc. Now it’s your responsibility to send your Product to the customer and collect the amount, and Amazon will charge his commission.

Business models on Amazon

  • Private Label (PL)
  • Wholesale
  • Drop shipping

Private Labelling

Amazon virtual assistant, private labelling,

You can find sale products with your private label. For example, Pakistan has salt cheaply, but it can be sold at high rates in Europe or the USA. So, you can pack salt in your packing with your private label and sell it on Amazon.

For example: As shown in the picture, we produced a private label of pink salt with our organization’s name, “

Whole Sale

In this method, you will go to a well-known brand like Cadbury, purchase a bulk quantity wholesale, and list it on Amazon. Moreover, you will ask them for a permission letter to sell it on Amazon.

For official Amazon website, click on the following link.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is where you find a product cheaper on other platforms or local markets and list it on Amazon. You can order directly from the other marketplace and give them your customer’s address whenever you get an order.

For example, you placed a basketball on Amazon with a price of 50 US dollars, and you found the same basketball on eBay with a price of US 30 dollars. You will get an order on Amazon, then place your order on eBay with your customer address, and eBay will send the Product to your customer. You will get 20 US dollars, but you have a problem that your customer will receive the Product in eBay packing, and next time, he will find the same Product on eBay.

On the other hand, you can purchase the same Product from your local market and send it to your customer. It is safe regarding customer retention.

Popular categories  Amazon

  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Health, Household, & Baby
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Sports & Outdoors

Why does anyone need Amazon Virtual Assistant?

When it comes to online retail on Amazon, most firms are owned and operated by a single individual who is often overworked.


As a small company owner, you may save money by employing someone on a per-hour or project basis rather than a full-time employee. Additionally, it lowers overhead expenses associated with paying bills and renting office space.

Task Management

They may engage you to undertake activities they dislike, such as handling client inquiries, responding to emails, or reporting on sale items.

Minimum Employee Obligation

As an independent contractor, a virtual assistant saves companies money on taxes and employee benefits because the employer only has to pay a fixed project payment to the Amazon virtual assistant.


Virtual assistants allow company owners to concentrate on the things that will help them expand. A well-trained virtual assistant may greatly reduce the burden of a small business owner or sole proprietor.

Skills required for an Amazon virtual assistant

We are listing down the responsibilities of an amazon virtual assistant that an employer will ask to perform when they hire any Amazon virtual assistant. You should learn these skills to become an Amazon virtual assistant.

  • Amazon Product Hunting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sourcing and Logistics
  • Listing Creation
  • Advertisement (PPC) on Amazon
  • Ranking on Amazon
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management

Amazon Product Hunting

Amazon virtual assistant, product hunting,

After understanding Amazon’s business models, the first and most fundamental Skill you must acquire is Product searching for Amazon to sell. Moreover, it would help if you also learned product-hunting tools to gain access to Amazon’s portfolio, such as the competition, CPC for advertising, the number of monthly sales,  and more.

Choosing a winning product for Amazon Product Hunting or Research is about evaluating the current and last three months’ market trends to find a product that may create a high sale with favorable trends. Finding a product with competitive pricing and a healthy profit margin is the whole purpose of product research.

Checklist for choosing a product

However, even if you are allowed to sell any Amazon-approved goods, it isn’t simple to sell anything, particularly from Pakistan;  therefore, as an Amazon virtual assistant, or if you’re trying to sell anything, you may use the checklist below.

  • Significant market demand with a little competition
  • Reasonable profits margins (Min 25 percent to 30 percent)
  • Small items
  • Lightweight items
  • No legal issues
  • Prices of goods that fall within the $10-$30 range
  • Two or three items on the first page with less than 50 reviews
  • Products with a minimum of 10 daily sales
  • Allows you to diversify your product line and increase your brand name.
  • The item shouldn’t be sensitive or fragile
  • Monthly searches on Amazon for the top 3 relevant keywords exceed 50,000.
  • The Product promotes repeat purchasing.
  • You should not choose a seasonal product because this Product will sell only in a specific season of the year
  • Choose a product that you can source easily from Pakistan, China, or other

Tools used for Amazon product hunt

Several tools are available to you for finding a profitable product to market. Below are some of the most often-used product research and market analysis tools.

  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium 10
  • Viral-Launch
Jungle Scout
Amazon virtual assistant, jungle scout,

Jungle Scout is a powerful Amazon research tool, and you’ll be able to locate the best-selling goods in the darkest and most mysterious depths of this digital jungle. In addition, key capabilities like the product tracker, Niche Hunter, keyword scout, and Product Database help you manage product hunts, inventory listings, and sales more effectively.

Helium 10 (H-10)
Amazon virtual assistant, helium 10,

Jungle Scout and Helium-10 have almost similar characteristics. Researching items, producing new ideas, and discovering the key rivals of Amazon sellers are done the same way. Use this tool to find and validate product ideas, uncover relevant keywords, optimize your listings, and manage your firm from a single dashboard.

Amazon virtual assistant, viral launch,

The viral launch is revolutionizing FBA with its cutting-edge features and data-driven strategy. Using PPC research & Amazon advertising, Amazon Keyword, and Amazon Keyword Tracking, you can completely optimize and automate your online company.

Competitor Analysis

Amazon virtual assistant, competitor analysis,

Amazon, like every other company, relies heavily on competitor research. Competitor analysis is the second phase in the process, and it occurs before the Product is listed. Compare our hunted products to those of our rivals in this job. Price comparisons, competition audits, product listings, branding evaluations, and keyword research are part of this process. A product listing that stands out from the rest of the pack may be achieved with the help of these insights.

Sourcing and Logistics

Amazon virtual assistant, alibaba,

Now that you’ve completed your product research and competition analysis, it’s time to choose a supplier for product sourcing.

A trustworthy supplier is necessary since not every vendor manufactures their items; this necessitates relying on a reliable source of supply. Pakistan, China, or any place else is an option. Alibaba is the ideal place to look for a sourcing partner. Your items will be sent to Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or your warehouse with their assistance.

Don’t forget to examine the supplier’s Alibaba profile status, such as whether they have trade assurance and favorable reviews and whether they have a gold suppliers’ Budge.

Some logistical criteria include contract writing and signing, patent infringement, customs and shipping expenses, and safety regulations. Not hurrying this step is important since it requires significant knowledge and inquiry.

Listing Creation

Amazon virtual assistant, product listing,

Once the goods have been sourced and shipped, you must create an Amazon product listing for them so customers can buy them. On Freelancing portals, this is a simple task you may give Amazon merchants to do.

Amazon product listing basic elements
  • Listing Title
  • Five well-explained feature points
  • 5 to 7 product eye-catching images
  • Product discerption
  • Use of SEO-driven keywords
  • Dimensions and features of the Product
  • Make the key facts stand out so readers can quickly scan your description without reading the full.

Advertisement (PPC) on Amazon

Amazon virtual assistant, Amazon PPC,

One of the most wanted after and highly paid abilities for Amazon virtual assistants is PPC (pay per click) advertising expertise since the quantity of PPC (pay per click) professionals is quite limited. When a consumer clicks on an ad, Amazon charges the advertiser a small fee known as pay-per-click (PPC). Tools like Jungle Scout and Helium-10 may help you determine how competitive a term is and how many people are searching for it.

Amazon offers three forms of advertising: Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display Ads, and Sponsored Products. Enroll in the Amazon Advertisement Certification for free to learn about all sorts of advertising formats and how they work.

Ranking on Amazon

Amazon virtual assistant, Amazon SEO,

Amazon merchants pay SEO specialists to boost their Product’s visibility in search results, known as SEO (search engine optimization). Sales grow as the ranking rises, resulting in a rise in income.

You’ll need to learn Amazon’s search algorithm in depth and how to choose successful keywords.

Customer Service

Amazon virtual assistant, customer service,

Responding to and resolving customers’ inquiries is an important part of customer service throughout the sales process. Email and phone conversations should reply to consumers’ questions to satisfy them.

Inventory Management

Amazon virtual assistant, Inventory sheet,

It is vital to keep track of, store, and ship products to satisfy customer demand as quickly and efficiently as feasible. Customers’ happiness and storage costs might be negatively impacted if too much or too little stuff is available.

It is possible to automate the administration of an inventory in two ways: either by utilizing third-party inventory management software supported by Amazon or by employing the conventional technique of tracking delivery and storage using Excel sheets.

How to become an Amazon virtual assistant in Pakistan?

You have skills according to the job requirement to get any job anywhere. For those living in Pakistan, countless online resources and institutes train individuals for this job.  For example,

Digi skills Amazon virtual assistant course

Dig Skill is a platform where you can learn free of cost. The Pakistani government provides facilities to their citizens to learn modern skills and get jobs online. The Amazon virtual assistant course is also available on Digi Skill in Urdu. So everyone can learn Amazon virtual assistant skills and earn money online in Pakistan.

YouTube online Amazon virtual assistant courses

Digi Skill is a platform where you must make your ID and register for a course to learn any skill. Moreover, Digi Skill is a batch-based system. You can only enroll yourself before starting a course.

However, Youtube is a platform where you do not need to enroll yourself, or you do not need to wait to for starting a batch. You go to and search for Amazon virtual assistant courses free in Urdu. You will find a lot of videos on Amazon virtual assistant.

So, You only need dedication and motivation to start a course and finish it to the last with full energy.

Platform to find Amazon virtual assistant job in Pakistan

After getting knowledge and specific Skill for an Amazon virtual assistant. Now you need a platform where you can find a job as an amazon virtual assistant. We are enlisting online platforms where you can easily find the Amazon virtual assistant job in Pakistan.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork


Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you will make your GIG as an Amazon virtual assistant, and the employer will find out about you and contact you to hire you for a project or monthly basis.


It is also another freelancing, but it is different from Fiverr. This platform will create your profile and help you find a job related to Amazon virtual assistant. When you find a job, you will bid on it, and the employer will interview you before hiring you for a project.