Affiliate marketing in Pakistan-The Best Guide to start in 2023

Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing in Pakistan, when done right, can be an excellent source of income and passive income generation. However, there are many hidden tips and tricks to becoming a good digital marketer. Moreover, it isn’t easy to pick up the necessary knowledge unless you’re told exactly what to do and how to do it. This step-by-step guide will help you start an affiliate marketing to start passive income as an affiliate marketer.

Steps to start Affiliate marketing in Pakistan

We list the steps to focus on to become an excellent digital marketer.

  • Choose a niche
  • Register with an affiliate network
  • Set up a free account
  • Create content around your chosen niche
  • Start an email list
  • Write guest posts on relevant blogs
  • Promote your guest posts on social media platforms
  • Drive traffic through social media platforms

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Choose a niche

choose your niche, Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing in Pakistan is a huge industry and can be very profitable for internet marketers. However, Pakistani bloggers and website owners have difficulty finding quality affiliate products trusted in their country because our young generation is unprepared for online marketing or selling. However, Pakistan has shown tremendous performance in recent years in freelancing, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Choosing your niche wisely is the first step to becoming an excellent digital marker.

Firstly, think about any topic that attracts you most, and you do not get bored when you start reading or writing about it. Moreover, you should have command of that topic.

Secondly, you should also remember your audience and what your audience wants to read and learn from your knowledge.

For example, you could create educational content on food, fashion, e-commerce or entrepreneurship. The goal is to create something useful so that people will want to read and follow your affiliate links.

Create content around your chosen niche

create content around your chosen niche

You have created a website and are ready to do affiliate marketing. Now you are confused about where to start. First, fill your website with content, but again, a question about what content you need to write on your website.

You have chosen a niche for affiliate marketing and must focus on your niche. So, you should fill your website with content around your chosen niche.

We are sharing the most popular content types here.


      • Reader testimonials

      • Service or tools roundups

      • Products comparisons and reviews

      • Tutorials and guidelines about features of services and products

    You should design a post with several affiliate links to earn money through affiliate marketing in Pakistan. You can write a post about your selected niche, or you can also write a post about a product that is your seller’s product and ad two or three lines of a specific product to your content. 

    To get the best content ideas, brainstorm and think about what type of content your audience is searching for online in Pakistan.. When you have something in your mind after brainstorming, then write it to get search for keywords.

    Initially, you do not need to invest in powerful software for keyword searches. A lot of free software is best for keyword searches in the early stage. We are sharing a list of software for keyword searches.


        • Google keyword planner

        • Ahref

        • Ubbersuggest

      You will find many blog post topics with good traffic and low competition.

      Register with an affiliate network

      register affiliate network, Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

      To start affiliate marketing in Pakistan, you should register with an affiliate network like Amazon Associates, or ShareASale. You can then market their products to your audience on social media or niche forums. For example, ShareASale or Amazon works particularly well to drive sales in e-commerce or internationally. Moreover, you can also develop your website and promote your affiliate products by writing content about the products as discussed above in create content around your niche.

      The good news is that affiliate marketing in Pakistan can succeed as GFK (growth from the knowledge) shared in their research about marketing. Moreover, they explored that customers are more in touch with digital marketing sources than traditional ones. In addition, if you want to start affiliate marketing, it’s the right time.

      Here are some quick tips to follow:


          • Please write down your goals for affiliate marketing in Pakistan and understand what it takes to reach them.

          • What type of products do you want to promote?

          • Where will you market them?

          • Who will buy them?

        Join an affiliate network like ShareASale or Amazon Associates and register an account.

        You will get paid when someone buys products or services through their affiliate link. You should focus on one affiliate network at a time and promote as many affiliates as possible. You should also try using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. if they are not already integrated into your site design. Using this guideline, you can make money from affiliate marketing in Pakistan.

        Read about what is content writing and how to make money from content writing. Click on the below link.

        Start an email list

        Now that you’ve gone through creating high-quality content regularly. Moreover,  it’s time to start getting visitor attention. Email is still a very effective communication, especially for affiliate marketing in Pakistani. You should not send emails at random times. An email with 3 to 4 bullets per week is enough for your visitors because visitors do not read lengthy emails. Moreover, visitors also feel irritated by emails daily.

        Make sure you start an email list, which allows you to build a relationship with your audience. Additionally, it would help if you continued to inform them about upcoming events or products you know they will be interested in. First, you must build relationships with your subscribers through content and social media platforms before asking for their information. Furthermore, informing subscribers of affiliate sales, product launches, and new website features would be best. You can keep your audience involved in essential campaigns once you begin affiliate marketing in Pakistan.

        The more often you interact with your readers, followers and customers online, the stronger relationships you can build with them. In addition, strong relationships are what affiliate marketing in Pakistan is all about.

        Write guest posts on relevant blogs

        write guest post

        As a beginner Affiliate Marketer, learning about your niche is important. Moreover, before you jump into promoting products, knowing about your competitors and focusing on providing great value is important. One common factor among successful affiliate marketers is that they all have a written action plan.

        Initially, you have to write a guest post for different social media platforms to get the audience’s attention. The best social media platforms for guest posts are Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

        Affiliate marketing in Pakistan requires months of research into building an email list and getting higher rankings on Google. To succeed as an affiliate marketer in Pakistan, ensure you have excellent research and writing skills. You should research more keywords around your niche and write more guest blog posts to build your fan following.

        To read about freelancing websites in Pakistan, click on the below link.

        Promote your guest posts on social media platforms

        promote your guest post on social media, Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

        Once you have written guest posts on different social media platforms, you have to promote your blog post on social media. Social media marketing is an important element of any affiliate marketing campaign. You can share your guest posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Tell them what they want about the products or services they were searching for.

        Go ahead, and share your website content link on social media platforms for maximum outreach. Sharing your website content on social media will allow more people to see your content and hopefully encourage them to click the link and come to your website where you have put affiliate links. Moreover, greater visitors will enhance the chances of a click on an affiliate link and then a sale through your affiliate link that will pay you the money. Share your affiliate links with relevant hashtags, so people seek information regarding the related products.

        Drive traffic through social media platforms.

        drive traffic through social media, Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

        Initially, you should focus on traffic from social media platforms because if you don’t have a big fan following, you face difficulties making money from your affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are good for building your fan following.

        If you can drive traffic through these social media sites and convert that traffic into potential customers, you can start making money from affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Remember always to tell people about your product whenever possible.

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