The Best Online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023

online business ideas in Pakistan

There will be a lot of online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023, and you can choose the one that attracts you the most. Although, the internet facilitates the user to start an online business easily, but you should know how to start and establish your business online. It would help if you found the right place to promote your product so that your target people can easily see and purchase it.

We will provide you with options for online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023. Moreover, we will also guide you in selecting and promoting your business online.  

Why an online business presence matters

In this era, it is a fact that 80 percent of the Pakistani population spends time online to connect with their family members and friends. Moreover, they are also looking for events, services, and products that attract them. 

Now think your business has an online presence, and these people will easily see your business online. So there are chances to sell your product to these people. So, if you have a well-described online presence for your business, the chance of getting online orders will be high. You can also communicate with the customers directly and also enhance your customers.

You should update your online business regularly and stay connected with the customers via online business.

Online business in Pakistan?

Online business in Pakistan did not get much attraction due to unawareness of the advantages of online business and the lack of online business education. However, now people realize that online businesses can easily reach customers. So, they are trying to find online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023.

You are reading this article and looking for an online business idea in Pakistan in 2023. Furthermore, We will provide you with an online business idea in Pakistan in 2023 and guide you on how to start and establish your online business in Pakistan in 2023.

What is an online presence for your business

Online business has different forms, and you can establish a website for your online business or use online platforms like Daraz or OLX to place your products for sale. Moreover, you can also use social media platforms to establish your online business, like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

We will guide you to start an online business using these social media or market platforms.

Online business In Pakistan with Daraz

Daraz is an online platform where customers are looking for their desired product. Furthermore, you can attract them by showing them your product with all information related to your product. Moreover, You can start your online business with Daraz in Pakistan by following the steps.

 Register and list your products

  • Signup with Daraz as an online shop and provide the required information
  • Log in with your username as entered during signup or using the Daraz website or Daraz app
  • Place your product with the required information  to attract the customers

If you want to take guides to open your Daraz shop, click on the following link.

Receive orders and sell across Pakistan

  • Once you have opened your shop with Daraz, then you can sell your products online
  • Use the seller center to manage your order and communicate with the customers
  • Pack the order and deliver the parcel to the Daraz office when you get the order.
  • They will deliver your parcel to the address you will mention on the parcel
  • The Draz representative will receive the product amount from the customer on your behalf, and after 15 days, the amount will be submitted to your registered Daraz account.

Online business with OLX

Online business with OLX starts from an ad on OLX. We will guide you on how to post the first ad on OLX. Follow the following steps.

  • Signup with OLX
  • Click on the button SELL to make an ad
  • Select the appropriate category for your product to make an ad, and this category will not be changed after the ad publishing
  • Describe your product clearly. If you are selling a brand product, mention the brand’s name. Mention all the features of your product.
  • Never promise anything that you can not deliver to your customer
  • Take clear pictures of your product and attach them to the ad
  • Set a reasonable price to attract the customer. Moreover, Never offer a lower price than the product’s actual price to attract a customer because when customers ask you about a product, you will increase the product’s price. The above reason will negatively impact your customers, and they will leave a negative comment on your product. The upcoming customers will read these negative comments and not contact you.
  • After setting the price, review your location and publish your ad

Online business on social media

If you want to start an online business using social media, follow the listed points.

  • Create an account on social media (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Open an account with a courier service like Leopard or TCS to deliver your product to the customer and collect the product amount.
  • Create a business page on a Facebook account or make a business profile on Instagram.
  • Advertise your product on Facebook or Instagram 

To connect with the customers using Facebook, you will follow the below steps

  • Share stories and posts about your products.
  • Use messenger for communication with customers.
  • Create a group to build a community of customers.

For connecting with the customers using Instagram, you will follow the below steps

  • Share videos and photos, and you can edit your videos and photos using in-app tools.
  • Engage your customers with shared videos and photos,
  • You can communicate with your customers by sending a direct message to them.

Online business ideas in Pakistan

We discussed the available platforms to start your online business. Now we will share online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023. You will find many online business ideas in Pakistan, but after deep research, we are sharing online business ideas in Pakistan.

First, we will enlist online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023; then, we will provide you the information about every online business idea in Pakistan in 2023. So, here is the list of online business ideas in Pakistan in 2023.

  • Online gift shop
  • Online grocery shop
  • Online crockery shop
  • Online makeup shop
  • Online clothing shop

Online gift shop

business dream gift shop

Every year, millions of people buy gifts for their friends and family member. Gift shops earn a lot of money, especially at festivals like Eid, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, chrisms, valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, teacher’s day, and new year’s.

The online gift market is growing day by day after the corona pandemic. Moreover, People select gifts for their loved ones online and parcel them directly to their loved ones through couriers like Leopard or TCS. Foreigners also purchase gifts online and want delivery to their loved ones through couriers.

Almost everyone purchases gifts for friends and family members, which is attractive. Gifts also have a huge sector range, like pens, key chains, travel bottles, coffee mugs, picture mugs, customized name-engraved jewelry, and much more.

Customized gifts

Customized gifts are popular in online gift sales because people feel special if the gifts have written their names on them. The sale of gifts can increase by adding the name and message on the gifts. We are sharing some online gift ideas below. 

  • Customized name-engraved jewelry
  • Customized names engraved on traveling bottles
  • Customized names engraved on coffee mugs
  • Customized picture print on sublimation mugs
  • Customized name print on cushions
  • Customized name print on mobile covers
  • Customized names engraved on pens
  • Customized names engraved on swiss knifes
  • Customized name engraved on table clock
  • Customized names engraved on USBs
  • Customized names engraved on power banks
  • Customized name engraved on Wireless mobile charger with notebook and USB
  • Customized name engraved on a key chain

Special Occasions

You have to remain very active to target the customers online, and you have to focus on special occasions because gift sales increase on these special occasions. You can also increase your sale by offering special discounts or special offers like a prize for 5 thousand shopping. We are sharing some special occasions below for your memory.

  • Eid Ul Fitter
  • Eid Ul Adha
  • Birthday
  • Marriage anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Mother’s day
  • Teacher’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Chrismas day
  • Happy new year
  • Valentine day

Online grocery store

grocery store

Online grocery shopping in Pakistan is increasing during the corona pandemic. People place orders online or use grocery apps like Cheetah to buy groceries online. IN addition, Organic research shows that online grocery shopping worldwide will grow 23.7%  from 2020 to 2025. Another research shows that online grocery shopping will touch 250 billion dollars after five years.

Entrepreneurs always look for an opportunity to hunt, and online grocery in Pakistan is an eye-catching opportunity for entrepreneurs. So, This article gives you an overview of this opportunity to start an online business in Pakistan in 2023.

Important tips for online grocery store

It would help if you focused on the following factors to successfully start the online grocery store.

  • The quality of the grocery is an important factor for a successful grocery store
  • Price should be competitive with the local market
  • Delivery time should match the time given to the customer
  • There should be proper packing of groceries (sealed packing)
  • It would be best if you do a competitive analysis for your competitors
  • Find out the target market and pitch your [roduts at that place online
  • Develop a grocery website, app, Facebook page, and Instagram page for a successful grocery store
  • Run a customized ad on Facebook for your target region
  • Buy groceries from wholesale markets like Akbari mandi in Lahore, Dana Mandi in Faisalabad, Jordi Bazar in Karachi, etc.

Online crockery shop

crockery store shelves

Crockery has changed from tableware used for eating food to an essential part of our kitchen and dining room because crockery provides grandeur and utility to our homes. Pottery is vital in defining our stately proportions and lifestyles and transforming our dining rooms. Pottery has also changed from closed shelves to dining tables and dining room decorations. People want to buy high-quality and stylish design crockery.

Many reports show that an attractive set of crockery at the dining table enhances the vibe and mood of the dinners. Moreover, now it is used to serve food and impacts lifestyles. The discussed reasons have increased the demand for pottery in Pakistan.

Online crockery business size

First, you will decide the size of your business and the pottery category you want to sell. For this reason, you can find different online crockery shops at Daraz. Pottery may be small or big, cheap or expensive, stainless steel, silver,  glass, plastic, premium, or heavy.

To start a business, it is essential that you should arrange resources, Moreover, we recommend you visit Shah Alam market Lahore or Gujranwala crockery industries for the best wholesale prices to compete with the competitors.

Online makeup shop


The makeup industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for makeup is increasing daily. Online Make up sale is also rising. Every female buys makeup regularly.

You can purchase makeup from wholesale markets like Shah Allam in Lahore and then sell it online. Moreover, Initially, try to purchase a well-reputed brand as you do not need to market your products, and you will have customers. Moreover, win the trust of your customers and offer them new products.

You can also import your makeup products from China using Alibaba to grow your for sourcing. In addition, to visit the makeup products on

Online clothing shop

Cloth shelves with stylish clothes, Online business ideas in Pakistan

the online clothing store is a multi-billion industry. So, It is the most popular niche online industry worldwide. The online clothing industry in Pakistan has also increased by multi-billion. Furthermore, the online clothing industry reached 759 billion dollars in 2021 and is predicted to grow to 1 trillion by 2025. The online clothing industry also covers the fashion industry.

Pakistan cloth is in high demand on Amazon. You can also sell Pakistani clothes to international clients, but we recommend starting with local customers and grabbing experience to enter a big market.

Find out online clothing niche

First, you will choose a niche you want to follow to start your online clothing store, Moreover, we are listing down the suggestions to start your online clothing store.

  • You should select unique garments and cloth so that you will be visible in a crowded online market
  • Your product price should be competitive and justify the cloth quality
  • Your selling product should be high quality
  • You should upload pictures of your product and not cheat your customer.
  • It would help if you won the trust of your customer so that you could build your brand online
  • You should offer products according to the fashion