The best information about the Ravi urban development authority (RUDA)

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA)

Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) came into being in august 2020. The major focus of this authority is to develop Punjab provincial urban areas into livable, sustainable, and well-managed instruments for the economy’s growth. This authority will build a new city on the Ravi river bank. Moreover, Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) will focus on the following problems that Lahore city and its surroundings face.

  • Overpopulation
  • Heavy pollution
  • Flooding through Ravi channelizing and forming barrages
  • Traffic congestion
  • Water scarcity

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) is designing the Project according to its environment and optimizing the River’s natural resources and ecology. The structure of the Ravi river city will inspire investors as the Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) concentrates on innovation, modernity, and technology. They are introducing the green strips throughout the City as an environmental corridor.

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) proposed the master plan, including mid-density, high-density, family villas, townhouses, marina houses, luxury houses, mixed-use components, and farmhouses. The authority also worked on family bonding and will provide spaces for community neighbors and clusters to know each other. Integrating commercial activity and community and connecting public and private life will produce a high-quality lifestyle.              

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) proposed a future model city for Pakistan. 

Ravi urban development authority project overview

This section will first discuss why the Government of Pakistan established the Ravi urban development authority (RUDA), the Ravi river’s historical background, and the problem related to the Ravi river.

Why Govt. established the Ravi urban development authority

Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) aims to grow Punjab province’s urban areas into well-managed, livable, and sustainable engines for economic growth. Ravi urban development authority’s (RUDA) management has seriously connected with comprehensive, long-term, strategic metropolitan level and sound planning. The cities’ physical characteristics and socioeconomic status have changed due to rapid urbanization in Pakistan. Master plans of cities or documented cities in Punjab differ from the cities’ real growth because cities have grown physically irregularly from the proposed plans.

Punjab province capital, Lahore, is swiftly urbanizing as a financial, commercial, socio-cultural, and industrial key component of the regional urban center. Lahore’s population has crossed 10 million.

Historical background of the Ravi river

The Ravi river is transboundary between Pakistan and India. Moreover, it is an integral part of the Indus Ravi basin. The Ravi water drains into the Indus water in Pakistan, and then the Indus river falls into the Indian ocean. The surface flow of the Ravi River has condensed to an insignificant on winter days as India constructed the Thein Dam in Madhopur headworks. From 1985 to 1995, the average annual surface flow of the Ravi river was about 5 M.A.F. However, This flow has reduced to 1.1 MAF from 2000 to 2009. For this reason, the Ravi river’s leftover dries apart during monsoon season.         

Rive river’s problem

There is a pollution problem with low-level water flow in Ravi at Lahore downstream. There is heavy contamination in the Ravi water due to untreated industrial and municipal sewerage disposal into the Ravi River. Water and sanitation agency (WASA) Lahore discharges untreated wastewater into the Ravi River at 12 disposal stations.   

In addition, this heavy amount of untreated wastewater merged into the Ravi River is dangerous for the ecosystem, especially for the source of groundwater. We know that contamination is increasing daily, and if it continues at this pace, the groundwater quality will reduce rapidly. Moreover, Lahore city is using this groundwater for drinking purposes. 

The government of Punjab planned the new City on both Ravi river banks, 46 Km long from Lahore to Hadbaloki. In addition, this Project’s name is Ravi Riverfront urban development, which comes under the Ravi urban development authority (RUDA). The first phase of this City has name Chahar Bagh.    

Ravi urban development authority project area and locations

Ravi urban development authority total area

The total project area of the Ravi riverfront urban development is 102,000 acres. The net sellable area of the total project area is 46,392 acres. The net total sellable area has divided into three phases. Phase one has a sellable area of 21,502, phase two sellable area is 12,628, and phase three has a total sellable area of 12,528 acres. For your convenience, we are sharing the further division of land and the location of the Project.

The area and location of tehsil Shalimar

Sr #MouzaTotal area
1Atto Kay Awan1788 Kanal 19 Marla
2Awan Dhaya Wala12088 Kanal 12 Marla
3Baghban Pura1813 Kanal 01 Marla
4Chak Ram Pura1152 Kanal 01 Marla
5Ganjah Sindhu10539 Kanal 05 Marla
6Handoo Gujam6692 Kanal 07 Marla
7Jindyala40 Kanal 01 Marla
8Kot Khawaja Saeed3362 Kanal 15 Marla
9Lakhodher22922 Kanal 04 Marla
10Marlwar2690 Kanal 03 Marla
11Marri8817 Kanal 09 Marla
12Mahmood Booti7581 Kanal 06 Marla
13Nat and teg garh6114 Kanal 02 Marla
14Saggian Wasao Pura6114 Kanal 06 Marla
15Shabqra and Rakh Chabeel440 Kanal 03 Marla
16Wahgaryan306 Kanal 15 Marla

The area and location of tehsil City Lahore

Sr #MouzaTotal area
1Arazi Janjua1123 Kanal 06 Marla
2Babu Sabu15285 Kanal 19 Marla
3Kot Begum8355 Kanal 10 marla
4Bhadroo2848 Kanal 14 Marla
5Bhamma4290 Kanal 13 Marla
6Chak Begum Kot476 Kanal 14 Marla
7Chamru Pur4860 Kanal 13 Marla
8Aeno Bhatti4935 Kanal 06 Marla
9Fatehpuri943 Kanal 11 Marla
10Ganja Kalan246 Kanal 03 Marla
11Gopey Rai9560 Kanal 03 Marla
12Hardo Jabbo5417 Kanal 03 Marla
13Har Narain Pura5417 Kanal 03 Marla
14Jhuggian Jodha3491 Kanal 12 Marla
15Jia Musa454 Kanal 07 Marla
16Kanjra + Bola Garhi2525 Kanal 17 Marla
17Karolwar9323 Kanal 02 Marla
18Kalar Bund7950 Kanla 05 Marla
19Khokhar3488 Kanal 18 Marla
20Mureedwal10408 Kanal 03 Marla
21Nain Sukh5578 Kanal 03 Marla
22Niaz Baig27,830 Kanal 05 Marla
23Nonarian5937 Kanal 07 Marla
24Rakh Shahdrah Jungle5349 Kanal 07 Marla
25Rakh Theki231 Kanal 07 Marla
26Sagian Kalanwar13381 Kanal 18 Marla
27Sanda Kalan2928 Kanal 01 Marla
28Shahdrah13139 Kanal 16 Marla
29Shahpur Khanpur18718 Kanal 12 Marla
30Shera Kot513 Kanal 19 Marla
31Taragrah2366 Kanal 14 Marla

The area and location of tehsil Raiwind

Sr #MouzaTotal area
1Choung Panjgriean19524 Kanal 7 Marla
2Khud Pur17853 Kanal 18 Marla
3Mohlanwal18387 Kanal 12 Marla

The area and location of tehsil Feroz Wala

Sr #MouzaTotal area
1Fateh Rehan4572 Kanal 19 Marla
2Garangwala4015 Kanal 11 Marla
3Muhammad Pur7921 Kanal 9 Marla
4Dargai Gill Qadeem5720 Kanal 18 Marla
5Chohan4377 Kanal 8 Marla
6Kallar11837 Kanal 6 marla
7Chak No 44/UCC99 Kanal 13 Marla
8Chak No 38/UCC369 Kanal 0 Marla
9Ayya Nagar Khurd4123 Kanal 3 Marla
10Thatha Khuda Yar1235 Kanal 11 Marla
11Ayyah Nagar Kalan3284 Kanal 04 Marla
12Kot Pindi Dass78 Kanal 3 Marla
13Chak No 423275 Kanal 15 Marla
14Chak No 416499 Kanal 14 Marla
15Goil16454 Kanal 02 Marla
16Chahar1766 Kanal 8 Marla
17Burj Attari10281 Kanal
18Maseen15067 Kanal 12 Marla
19Thekri Wala2168 Kanal 16 Marla
20Awan Par5239 Kanal 2 Marla
21Marl Par9682 kanal 11 Marla
22Faiz Pur Khurd12255 Kanal 11 Marla
23Dahdian2292 Kanal 8 Marla
24Kalan Wala91 Kanal 10 Marla
25Rana Bhatti637 Kanal 1 Marla
26Saggian Khurd4240 Kanal 2 Marla
27Sangrai3311 Kanal 16 Marla
28Lubanwala34 Kanal 18 Marla
29Yar Pura1849 Kanal 10 Marla
30Mekhowali5138 Kanal 12 Marla
31Chak No 393643 Kanal 4 Marla
32Chak No 40/UCC5568 Kanal 13 Marla
33Bhalkhe8002 Kanal 2 Marla
34Kot Mool chand6615 kanal 11 Marla
35Dhoopsari5930 Kanal 12 Marla
36Saggian Kalan Par3871 Kanal 16 Marla
37Baddoo1152 Kanal 17 marla
38Dhaka786 Kanal 6 Marla
39LatherPur5227 Kanal 4 Marla
40Kot Hidayat Ali1140 Kanal 14 Marla
41Feroz Wala6093 Kanal 15 marla
42Khaki392 Kanal 4 Marla
43Sharaqpur Khurd5002 Kanal 13 Marla
44Wandala Dial Shah7390 Kanal
45Bhalle Banawaal7137 Kanal 6 marla
46Bhalle Dasanwaal1148 kanal
47Bheni par4560 Kanal 15 Marla
48Gojar Pura2444 Kanal6 Marla
49Ali Pur4134 Kanal 17 marla
50Kot Mian Khan (Kot Jaspal)2844 Kanal 19 Marla
51Kot Nathu3685 Kanal 11 Marla
52Bharath9661 Kanal 11 Marla
53Chak kalan6662 Kanal 11 Marla
54Sahad Waar2831 Kanal 17 Marla
55Shad Natheke6496 Kanal 7 Marla
56Doser1893 Kanal 11 Marla
57Rakh Tukra Khain449 Kanal 16 Marla
58Rangian Jhangian11213 Kanal 17 Marla
59Qazi Murali2413 Kanal 2 Marla
60BabaKwal15824 Kanal 11 Marla
61Bakan Wal9221 Kanal 19 Marla
62Dabdian9577 Kanal 9 Marla
63Dhanoya1334 Kanal 5 Marla
64Jadah1897 kanal 1 Marla
65Kotli Katchi1339 Kanal 14 Marla
66Khair Din pur2499 Kanal 15 Marla
67Nehri Pur611 Kanal 13 Marla
68Qadian2370 Kanal 15 Marla
69Rakh Dhonoya3594 Kanal 15 Marla
70Rasoolpur2662 Kanal 15 Marla
71Ratniwal5689 Kanal 19 Marla
72Sheediwal5430 Kanal 10 Marla

The area and location of tehsil Muridke

Sr #MouzaTotal area
1Pakhyala2427 Kanal 02 Marla
2Mubarik Pur5737 Kanal 11 Marla

The area and location of tehsil Sharaq pur

Sr #MouzaTotal area
1Bhaini8536 Kanal
2Mandian Wala4687 Kanal 10 Marla
3Taride Wati3201 Kanal 3 Marla
4Qilla Ghous1518 Kanal 03 Marla
5Sultan Pur4253 Kanal 16 Marla
6Bhoi Wal5412 Kanal 13 Marla
7Sahjo Wal4355 kanal 5 Marla
8Muhammad Pura Dhamke4744 Kanal 12 Marla
9Sharaq Pur Kalan20596 Kanal 12 Marla
10Ayapur3635 Kanal
11Jawalapur115 Kanal 2 Marla
12Dhana6049 Kanal
13Torya2722 Kanal
14Gohr Pur Khas1371 Kanal 15 Marla
15Gohr Pur Sani1470 Kanal 3 Marla
16Mahtum7315 Kanal 6 Marla
17Bola Garhi4838 Kanal 12 Marla
18Koro Tana3564 Kanal 2 Marla
19Rakh Mahtum221 Kanal 7 Marla
20Baran Dari1536 Kanal 16 Marla
21Rajian War6080 Kanal 4 Marla
22Rajianpar3683 Kanal 9 Marla
23Mazang Noabad8620 Kanal 16 Marla
24Lurke Nemat3762 Kanal 05 marla
25Rakh Jhok24534 Kanal 14 Marla
26Rakh Korotana2703 Kanal 15 Marla
27Rakh Kattar Band131 Kanal 3 Marla
28Rakh Muhammad Bakash221 Kanal 7 Marla
29Rakh Wazir Khan633 Kanal 17 Marla

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Ravi urban development authority project salient features

Eco Friendly

Ravi urban development authority, Eco Friendly

The city structure will encourage urban replenishment with permeable green belts alongside the fields, as the main City’s spine is termed Ecological Corridor. Fields will feature wetlands, theme parks,  eco-ponds, wildlife sanctuaries, algae ponds, and botanical gardens. Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) provides Green belts to help develop services like schools, hospitals, and roads to use expensive infrastructure better. The ecological green belt will revive the Ravi river by connecting the green belt with the waterfront walkaway experience.    

Economic Hub

Ravi urban development authority, Economic Hub

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) will provide a door of creative and innovative approaches between the world and metropolitan areas like Lahore. It will be a melting pot for local societies and global communities. Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) also has the vision to build Lahore as a leader in the world for innovation, creativity, and technology. They provide a dynamic process of imitation, improvement, and innovation. Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) will focus on intimate spaces by multilayers to ensure that the economy of Pakistan will continue to flourish and is open for business. Indeed, an economic structure based on innovation and ideas will help the country move upward.     

Active Lifestyle

Ravi urban development authority, Active Lifestyle

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA)will provide a sports atrium with mixed commercial and residential plots. The sports complex will provide new dimensions in all fitness aspects like healthy living and games.

Technology & Innovation

Ravi urban development authority, Technology & Innovation

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA)plans to develop an unprecedented and unique environment to flourish the media and technology business for the benefit of global and local markets. They have the policy to provide one shelter for media and I.T. to the international and local sectors to endorse industrial technology. Moreover, attracting industries with technology and innovation core business to the community and providing a job market to the locals.    

Education & Youth

Ravi urban development authority, Education & Youth

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) will focus on the education sector while promoting youth with innovation and technology. They plan to collaborate with international and national institutes and universities to build a knowledge-based economy. This platform will open the doors for researchers, intellectuals, and scientists worldwide. There will be a research park in Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) to enhance the technology transfer on an industrial basis. Moreover, this City will also provide job opportunities to the locals and other nationals.     

Healthy Living

Ravi urban development authority,  Healthy Living

Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) will also allow well-known hospitals worldwide to share their expertise in all medical sectors. They will provide space for government hospitals, private clinics, research labs, rehabilitation centers, nursing institutes, and medical colleges. This City is attracted to modern trends in medical innovation, operations, planning, and technology. Moreover, Ravi urban development authority (RUDA) plans to make the City a hub for the international healthcare field and give benefits to the citizens of Pakistan.        

Public Interface

Ravi urban development authority, Public Interface

Ravi urban development authority will provide the public interface to accommodate Lahore’s all governmental institutes to build an established community. Moreover, this community will act as one unit that the public will access easily. The establishment community will include the diplomatic quarters, offices for financial corporate-commercial, state public institutes, utilities, and officers’ residences.      

Developing Businesses

Ravi urban development authority, Developing Businesses,

Ravi urban development authority will enhance the Lahore economic climate by providing financial assistance, training, technical assistance, workforce programs, and business tax incentives to international and local investors. Moreover, Ravi’s urban development authority also commits to assisting business and cultural participation through innovation, adaptation, and increased market demand. They are also committed to delivering high-quality services and products to under-served communities.    

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