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The jazz Franchise business in Pakistan is profitable. Computers changed the dimension of human life, and the worldwide website internet transformed the globe into a living global village. Moreover, the mobile phone improved life by sitting in front of a desktop computer and working on it on a pocket device with internet access all the time. Moreover, every mobile user makes a voice call or is connected to the world through the internet using a cellular network.

In March 2023, the total registered cellular subscribers were 183.2 million, increasing daily. From 183.2 million subscribers, Jazz is the largest market shareholder, with 69.5 million subscribers. 38% of subscribers use the Jazz mobile network to connect with other persons globally.

Jazz franchise opportunity

Veon is a multinational organization working in 9 countries like Pakistan, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Algeria, and Bangladesh. Moreover, Jazz is the one brand of Veon working in Pakistan. Jazz is the pioneer telecommunication organization in Pakistan and the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan. They hold the top and leading position in the telecommunication industry in Pakistan.   

It will be beneficial for you to work with a leading organization in their respective industry and grow day by day. Therefore, this article will discuss the requirements and procedures for starting a Jazz franchise business in Pakistan in 2023. Jazz follows a system to contract with any party to give him a franchise. They advertise the opportunity to be a part of their business, or sometimes you may place an application to the regional office. They will consider it if anyone wants to wind up his business with Jazz.

Jazz advertised an opportunity in March 2023 to enhance its business and was looking for suitable business partners. Therefore, we are sharing the area list below.

  • Rawalakot (Azad Kashmir): Last Date of Submission: 12th March, 2023
  • Muzaffarabad/Hattian Bala (Azad Kashmir): Last Date 12th March, 2023
  • Muridke (Punjab): Last Date 18th March, 2023
  • Thull (Sindh): Last Date 20th March, 2023
  • Naseerabad (Balochistan): Last Date 20th March, 2023

Now we will discuss the application criteria, process, and requirements for the application. After these features, we will also provide information about the required investment and monthly income from the Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023. Finally, we will share the information needed to fill out an application at the end of this article. Moreover, this article provides information about starting a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023

Jazz franchise application criteria

Jazz franchise opportunity application criteria

First, we will discuss the application criteria required to start a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023.

  • To sign a contract with Jazz, you should have a graduation degree from a university affiliated with the Government.
  • Jazz always wants to contract with a person who is willing to do business long term
  •  Jazz look for a person who has a sound financial account and can make a heavy  investment in a Jazz distributor outlet
  • You should have experience from a multinational organization in the distribution department and have a grip on distribution operations

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Jazz franchise application process

You will download the application form from the Jazz website if you fulfill the application criteria. You will submit a fee of Rs 10000 in demand draft or pay the order in the name of PMCL, which is non-refundable. Furthermore, the cross cheque is not acceptable. After submitting the fee, you will send an application to the Manager Channel Operation, Jazz Digital Headquarters, DHQ-1 1st Floor, 1-A, Kohistan Road F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.

After verifying the detail, Jazz will call you for an interview in which they will judge your ability to run the business and your financial statement. Jazz will evaluate your application and have the right to accept or reject any application without conveying any reason, and their decision will be final.

This article provides information about starting a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023.

Jazz franchise application requirement

Jazz franchise opportunity application requirement

You will download an application from the Jazz website, fill it out appropriately, attach the following documents, and send it via courier services to the Jazz head office. In the case of running a franchise transfer, you can apply to the respected regional office by hand. The required documents to attach to the application are listed below.

  • Educational Degree.
  • Last six-month bank statement
  • Computerized national identity card (CNIC)
  • RS 10000 demand draft in PMCL, which is not refundable
  • Your curriculum vitae

Responsibilities of a Jazz franchise

  • Jazz will provide you with a plan to build a distributor outlet
  • According to the Jazz policies, You will develop customer service, sales & distribution, and network
  • You will offer Jazz products and services and ensure customer satisfaction and try to exceed the expectations of Jazz customer
  • Jazz will look for you to enhance your business and more investment as you can
  • You will have the responsibility of your distributor and make sure to work with interest and devotion

This article provides information about starting a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023.

Investment required

The investment necessary to start a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023 depends on the opportunity available. For example, if Jazz spreads its business in some areas, it will announce the business partner required. Otherwise, you will contact the regional office to find an opportunity for a running Jazz franchise. Here is the difference between the investment required; for a new franchise opening, they will ask you to submit security of Rs 500000. If you have a building, they can accept your building, but it’s not sure. However, they will select a building to start a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023.

Investment to take a building on rent for Jazz franchise business in Pakistan is as follows, Advance 500000, and per month rent 100000. According to the Jazz organization, building renovation and decoration (Signboards, pamphlets, counters, ceiling, floor tiles, billboards, furniture, office location inside the franchise, and visiting card design) may range from 1 to 1.5 million. You will hire a team to run a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023. Moreover, the team will include an operational manager and sales workers. The salary of the team and other operational monthly expenses like electricity bills may range from 150000 to 200000.

The investment required to acquire a running Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023 will depend on the revenue generation of the franchise. Therefore, the regional office will meet with both parties (the Franchise seller and the franchise buyer) and decide the running franchise’s value according to the revenue generated from the franchise. For example,  the revenue generated from the franchise is 500000 per month. Therefore, the matter may be 5 million, and if the revenue generation is greater than 500000, the value may be greater than 5 million. 

Jazz franchise application form

 To fill out an application for starting a Jazz franchise business in Pakistan in 2023, you will provide the following information through an application form to the Jazz organization. The information required is listed below.

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General information

  • Name of the applicant in capital letters who wants to acquire a Jazz franchise
  • Old national identity card number if you have
  • Computerized national identity card number
  • Email ID (Compulsory, Gmail, Yahoo, or any other)
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Qualification, Institue name, and year of passing (Your education like B.A, B.Sc, M.A, M.Sc, MBA or any other professional degree)
  • City Name of the applicant
  • PTCL number (if you have any)
  • Mobile number (Compulsory)
  • Fax number (if you have any)
  • Mention your priority for contact (Email, mobile number, PTCL, or Fax)
  • If you are doing business at the time of applying for a Jazz franchise, then you will provide the following information
  • Your organization category ( Sole-proprietorship, partnership, Public/private limited, or Franchise/dealership)
  • Your company name
  • Your company address
  • Your company phone number
  • Your company fax number
  • Your designation in the company (CEO, director, or any other)
  • Nature of your business (Wholesale/Distribution, Retail, Service industry, consultancy, or any other)

Personal information

Jazz franchise application form 1
  • Type of your product ( Cellular, FMCG, Electronic goods, or any other)
  • If you are doing a job, you will provide the following information.
  • Designation in your organization
  • Your organization name
  • Address of your organization
  • Your monthly salary
  • Retired year
  • How will you manage a Jazz franchise (Sole-proprietorship, partnership, or private/public limited)
  • For a partnership, you will provide the name of all partners
  • Name of the city to whom you are applying
  • Specify a reason why you want to start a Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023 ( You can say Jazz is continuously growing and is the leader of the cellular network industry, having a 38 % market share )
  • How will you manage or conduct a Jazz franchise (Personally or through a Delegate like a branch manager)
  • Have you a site to start the Jazz franchise in Pakistan in 2023
  • Your signature on the application and date

For Jazz website, click on the below link.

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