How to Sell on Daraz, guide how to start a business on Daraz in 2023

how to sell on daraz

How to sell on daraz is a frequent asked question on internet. Moreover, We will provide detailed answer to this question. Online shopping is directly related to the accessibility of the Internet, and almost the whole world population has access to the Internet. Moreover, 89% of the population has access to LTE or higher mobile-broadband internet, and the other 11% has lived within reach of 3g internet worldwide. Online shopping started in developed countries in 2009 and reached developing countries in 2019. After the Corona-19 epidemic, the importance of Online shopping has amplified quickly. The best online shopping websites from settled countries are eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and Google.

We are talking about Pakistan for online shopping options; then, a name that got attention in recent years is Daraz is the best platform for how to sell your products online in Pakistan in 2023. Daraz changed the traditional shop into an online shop. You can open an E-shop for how to sell on Daraz in 2023.

This article will provide a complete guide on starting a new business in Daraz in 2023; however, it will only be possible to start a business and grow when you have the correct information.  

Market research and understanding customer

Market research for how to sell on daraz

We have to pay attention to market research and customer trends to get a successful online business. Thanks to digitalization, analyzing customer trends and market demand online is easy. Next are some of the actions that you should take while doing market research for how to sell on daraz.

Define your target audience

 It is important to identify your target audience because when we know our target customer, we have better chances to find out our target customer’s needs. Moreover, we can strive to exceed our target customer’s expectations to win them. We can use google ad software for market research and target customer

Analyze the competition

As you identify your competitors, you will better understand their market share, strengths, and weaknesses. You will research your competitor’s products and the keywords that they use to target the audience. Keywords are an important tool to rank your products high and have more chances to be visible to your target customer. As keywords are the words your target audience is searching online. In addition, we can find these words online using tools like google ad, SEMrush and Ahrefs etc.

Unique selling points

It is important to identify unique selling points. Your unique selling point separates you from other businesses in your industry. It would be best to determine what it is about your product or service that sets it apart from others in the market and makes it useful to the target audience for how to sell on daraz.

Evaluate the market size and growth potential

It would help if you did market research to determine the demand for your product or service and detect any trends that may impact your company. When gathering information about market tendencies, you may use resources such as Google Trends, Statista, and

Determine the pricing strategy

It would be best to research the pricing techniques your competitors use to decide the best price for your product or service.

Register how to sell on daraz

Register how to sell on daraz

We must create a seller count on daraz for selling products online on daraz. For this purpose, you must provide the following information on the daraz website.

  • Create an account for Pakistan
  • Create an account for cross-border
  • Add profile
  • Phone number verification
  • Email ID verification
  • Add Address
  • Verify ID & Bank
  • Add product

To read more about how to create a daraz seller acount in 2023, click on the below link.

Inventory management

inventory management for how to sell on daraz

Inventory management is the process of tracing and monitoring product stock. Additionally, Good inventory management requires striking a balance between the requirements of having sufficient stock to fulfil the demand of customers and the need to reduce the amount of surplus inventory and the expenses associated with it.

Forecasting the level of demand is another essential component of inventory management. To effectively manage your inventory, you need to maintain vigilance and determine which items are in demand and which products are seeing an increase in demand. Moreover, which products are experiencing a fall in demand? You will make judgements on whether or not to hold onto items, whether or not to give a deal to release stock, and whether or not to buy a fresh shipment.

customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to the growth and profitability of any online business since it can influence client retention, subsequent sales, and great word recommendations.

  • Ensure that the quality of your goods or services meets or exceeds your customers’ expectations. Provide clients with high-quality goods or services at rates comparable to other options, and keep any obligations made to the customers.
  • Check that all product details, including the price, delivery information, and return policies, are correct and easy to understand. Customers will be better able to make choices based on this information, reducing the likelihood of unpleasant shocks or outcomes.

Monitor your performance

performance monitoring for how to start business on daraz

It is essential to undertake consistent performance evaluations to guarantee that you achieve your objectives and maximize the available sales potential. The following are some measures that you may take to keep track of your progress on Daraz:

  • A company’s order fulfilment rate is the proportion of orders completed within the specified time frame. Furthermore, You can check this using the seller dashboard that Daraz provides for you. It would be best to prioritize retaining a high fulfilment rate to keep your customers happy and avoid penalizing daraz.
  • Daraz’s customers can rate and leave a comment on their experiences buying with your company. Always make sure to keep an eye on these ratings and comments so that you can find out what your clients like and hate about the items and services you provide. Make changes using this knowledge, and handle any problems that may arise.
  • Check your sales and income data regularly to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. Use this info to find areas where you may enhance your sales and income, for example, by increasing your product variety or giving promotions.
  • Tracking your website’s daraz shop traffic and conversion rates may be done with the help of Daraz’s analytics tools. Moreover, you can evaluate how well your items are doing and discover areas where you can improve your product descriptions or photos to boost conversions.
  • Daraz regularly changes its policies, rules and standards. So, you must Maintain an awareness of these changes and check that you comply with them to protect your account from being fined or restricted access.

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Market Your Products

social media marketing icons

Daraz will market your products with specific criteria. However, you should also promote your products to enhance your sale and visibility on Daraz. You can promote your products by writing blogs as guest bloggers. Furthermore, you can use social media to promote your products, like making a page on Facebook, adding your target audience, and sharing your Draz link with your product on your page. This way, you will transfer your target audience from your Facebook page to your Daraz shop. Similarly, you can use different social media platforms to increase your reach to your target audience, like Instagram, Twitter, or Linked In.  

payment schedule of Daraz


Daraz settled down the payment of delivered products weekly depending on the below-mentioned structure.

When customers receive their ordered products within the first seven days of the month. The Seller will receive payment in the next five working days. However, If the customer receives the ordered products within 8 to 14 dates of any month. The Seller will receive payment in the next five working days to date 14.

If any national or local holidays or weekends occur on these dates, the payment date will be moved to the following working day. For the Seller to get paid, they must always retain a duplicate of the signed dispatched bill until at least three months after giving the goods to a Daraz-approved shipper.