Mobile business in Pakistan to start

mobile business in Pakistan

It is easy to start a Mobile business in Pakistan with the information provided in this article. The mobile phone is a vital component of the everyday life of every individual on earth. Additionally, Pakistan’s government has recently set up a department to work on a digital project in Pakistan. Through the power of the internet, this endeavor will facilitate global commerce in areas such as banking and e-commerce. About 84% of Pakistan’s population uses a mobile phone, as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reported. However, most also lack the financial means to get a brand-new mobile device. Therefore, a large proportion of Pakistanis choose to buy pre-owned mobile phones. Moreover it is an opportunity to start mobile business in Pakistan.

Tips for mobile business

In light of the above, it’s clear that there’s a lot of interest in Pakistan’s new and second-hand mobile-phone market. There is a lot of rivalry in this industry, but with the right approach, you can stand out and win over consumers. All of those suggestions and methods are detailed below to start mobile business in Pakistan.

  • Update your knowledge about new technology in mobile phones
  • Up to date your understanding of the resale value of every Mobile
  • Up to date your knowledge about which mobile phone is in demand in your market
  • You should Learn the specifications of the different mobile phones
  • You should learn the feature of the Mobile so that you can guide your customer about the features of the Mobile

Business highlights

It would be helpful if you were familiar enough with the features and specs of competing mobile devices to provide an objective comparison and rational recommendation. Moreover, it is more useful if you know how to repair mobile phones. The procedures for establishing mobile business in Pakistan are outlined below.

  • Investment of 20 Lakh.
  • Naver cheats on your customer.
  • Search for a Market and a reasonable supplier to buy new and second-hand Mobile for sale (Hall road or Hafeez centre)
  • Understand the features of Mobile
  • Learn how to buy a mobile from a walking customer at a cheaper rate
  • Learn how to find out a defect in the Mobile
  • Most important, Make sure that the mobile phone is not stolen (Take CNIC from the walking supplier)
  • Make your shop page on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to market your shop.
  • Make an ad on OLX and DARAZ for the online sale of mobile phones with an explicit mention of the mobile brand, model, and condition and add pictures of the mobile phone.

Business registration

Mobile phone business registration in Pakistan

Most mobile phone shops with just one or two employees still make over 12 Lakh annually. For this reason, it seems sensible to register the mobile business in Pakistan as a proprietorship with FBR to avoid any legal action by govt of Pakistan. It is recommended to form a company if you want to build many large mobile business in Pakistan in high-traffic areas like shopping malls or if you plan to sell products online via e-commerce websites.

Find out Mobile phone suppliers

Mobile phones and gadgets

You should investigate the various terms and conditions offered by the market’s mobile phone distributors before signing a lease or making any financial commitments for your mobile business in Pakistan.

It’s important to have this on hand to showcase mobile phones and other accessories.

Contact a variety of well-known suppliers of mobile phones and accessories to get information on all of the prerequisites necessary to do business with them. A valid company licence, a monetary threshold for individual orders, and recommendations from other companies would all be necessary. 

Make sure the items you purchase are not copies. Particularly in consumer electronics, there is a growing demand for genuine items. The key to making it a technology retailer is beating the prices offered by the most well-known internet retailers.

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Mobile phone business Location

3d location icon

The next crucial step is identifying a good location for your new mobile business in Pakistan. Choosing a suitable location for your business is important if you’re starting. Pick a suitable spot visible from the road or in a busy area with plenty of foot traffic. Remember that the key to success in business is attracting the proper customers, so positioning your shop in a high-traffic location will offer you an edge.

However, while choosing a storefront for your shop, you should ensure that the rent doesn’t exceed five per cent of your monthly capital. If money is tight, consider this option. If money is no object, choose a safe and well-trafficked location to ensure a steady stream of clients.

Employees for the Mobile phone business

reports on a laptop and discussing with collogue

Hiring competent workers is crucial to the success of any retail outlet. An effective sales force conversing with the features and capabilities of various goods is required. Finding and hiring passionate individuals about technology will give the idea that the staff at your mobile business in Pakistan is dedicated to doing a good job.

The size of your shop should determine how many workers you need. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed and the shop can run smoothly, you may hire a manager to take care of things. If your shop offers repair services, you should staff at least one employee to handle such requests.

Mobile phone Repairing plan

mobile repairing tools, Mobile business in Pakistan

Most Pakistanis repair damaged phones rather than buy new ones because of the country’s low income and buying power. There is a need for mobile phone repair services in Pakistan, which gives the foundation for such a business to flourish. TEVTA is a government-sponsored initiative in Pakistan that provides access to mobile phone repair training. You may learn how to repair mobile phones by visiting the TEVTA website (WWW.TEVTA.GOP.PK) and signing up for training for a business.

Maintaining happy customers is essential to growing your company. Avoid dishonest practices at all costs and focus on giving your consumers the exceptional service they deserve so they will happily spread the word about your shop. You provide online services to clients by creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform and launching a website. We have, for instance, compiled a list of the materials required to launch a mobile phone repair service.

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Mobile repairing business plan

Item DescriptionExpected Price
Hot air + Soldering station (Yihua 995D+ 2 in 1)18500
Digital Multimeter (Kyoritsu 1009 )7500
Anti Static Mat Roll  (2.5ft X 1.5ft Thickness 2.0mm)11000
Microscope or Magnifier (Digital microscope G600 1-600x) 7300
Magnifying Glass Table Lamp2500
DC Power Supply (variable DC voltage power supply)14500
Battery Tester (BT-100D)4300
Ball Grid Array kit (Solder LG MSM-8992)1000
Nose Cutter (Nose plier 155mm PM-712)720
Mobile Phone Repairing Tool Kit (14pcs tool screwdriver + tweezers + mobile opener kit )550
ESD-Safe Cleaning Brush500
PCB fixer platform400
Point Cutter (SHE-K 6-inch diagonal side cutter)400
Paste Flux (Soldring flux paste 35g)390
Solder Wire (100g)300
Blade Cutter (Steel blade cutter 24mm)250
Jumper Wire (65 pcs jumper wire male to male)165
Solder Paste20
Desoldering Wire (Desoldering copper spool wire 2ft)130
Solder Paste20
Thinner or Carbon tetra cleaner40
Cleaning Sponge100

 Marketing mobile phone business

3d model of digital marketing

Promoting your mobile business in Pakistan may be done in a variety of simple methods. You may want to put ads for your shop in newspapers and magazines. Handing out flyers and making miniature billboards might help get the word out in the area. Creating a website is another effective strategy for attracting customers to your shop.

Social media can also help you succeed since it will promote your business to a wider audience. You may attract more clients by using social media to announce new offerings, sales, and price reductions. Free shipping and gifts are great ways to get people interested in your offer. Increasing your brand’s visibility requires engaging your current clientele to spread the word.

It would help if you had resolve, strategy, and excellent customer connections to achieve success. Clients will spread the word about your company. Therefore, how you handle your first few clients indicates how well your firm will do in the long run.

A business like this, with a wide variety of items on offer and well-experienced sales personnel, may thrive in today’s market, thanks to the rising demand for various devices.

Once you’ve got things rolling, you may expand into an online shopping site to bring in more clients and enhance your revenues. The value of your brand will increase if you provide supplementary services, such as gift wrapping or free home delivery. You may effectively open a mobile phone shop by implementing a few of the concepts presented here.

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