How to register your restaurant on Foodpanda portal

how to register foodpanda portal restaurant

The Foodpanda portal allows you to register your restaurant and increase your business. Home delivery is a big issue for small restaurants, but Foodpanda solved this problem. You can register your restaurant on the Foodpanda portal and offer your food to the customers.

Another problem for small restaurants is that they cannot advertise their products. However, the Foodpanda portal solved this problem because the Foodpanda portal gives you the option to advertise your products on the Foodpanda platform.

The Pandemic boosted the home delivery system, and Foodpanda got top in the food delivery industry. Foodpanda collaborates with almost every well-known food chain in Pakistan, so, Foodpanda is the first choice for potational customers in Pakistan. You can also flourish your business by registering your restaurant on the Foodpanda portal.   

This blog will guide you on Registering your restaurant on the Foodpanda portal.

Register your restaurant on the Foodpanda portal

The food panda portal gives customers a platform to find the food of their choice. On the other hand, the Foodpanda portal also allows restaurants to advertise their foods to attract customers and get more business.

Now we will tell you how to register on the Foodpanda portal step by step. 

Click on the following link to open the Foodpanda portal registration page and follow the below steps.

after clicking the link, you will see the page shown in the picture below.

Delicious foods with outstanding presentation
  • Business name (write your restaurant name in the field of business name)
  • Business type (choose from the list of restaurants or shops)
  • Category (choose the best option that suits your business. When you select a business-type restaurant, you will see options like restaurant catering, a home-based kitchen, or street food. Moreover, when you select a business-type shop, you will see the following options, e.g., bakery, drinks, grocery, etc.)
  • First name (your first name like Umar)
  • Last name (your father’s name, like Saleem)
  • Contact number ( your mobile number or landline number)
  • Email address (For example,
  • Restaurant address (type your nearest famous place name and then  select the option that is near to your restaurant)
  • Click on the submit button as shown in the picture above

After submitting the Foodpanda portal registration form, Foodpanda will send you a contract form. You should read the contract carefully and sign it if you have no queries regarding the contract. After signing the contract, your restaurant will go live on the Foodpanda portal. 

How Foodpanda portal works

Now we will discuss the working procedure of the Foodpanda portal in detail.

  • Customers visit the Foodapanda website or use Foodpanda mobile app for food orders. Customers provide their address for delivery and also choose a  restaurant that is near their address.
  • Customers who select a restaurant will see and accept an order on their portal. The restaurant will prepare food according to the order.
  • Fooadpanda rider will collect the food parcel from the restaurant and deliver the food to the customer within 30 minutes.
  • Foodpanda will pay your profit after a month and also measure your performance. You can also see your daily or monthly performance on your restaurant portal.

Foodapanda app

Foodpanda provides you with a tablet with a built-in Foodpanda app. You will use this tablet to access the Foodpanda restaurant portal. If you do not have a Foodpanda tablet, you can access your Foodpanda restaurant portal through the Foodpanda website. Now we will discuss the Foodpanda portal in detail.

foodpanda portal access through app

When you open Foodpanda app on your tablet or mobile, you will see a button written portal as shown in the picture above. Click on this button to see another screen with different buttons. This screen is the main menu of your Foodpanda restaurant portal.

As shown in the picture below, we will discuss every button in the Foodpanda restaurant portal step by step.

Foodpanda portal

Foodpanda portal Dashboard

The first button on the Foodapanda portal is the dashboard button. The dashboard screen will show you the summary of your orders and revenue. Moreover,  The dashboard screen will automatically refresh after 60 seconds. If you have registered more than one restaurant in the Foodpanda portal, you can select your desired restaurant, as shown in the picture below. You can also compare your order and revenue weekly.

Foodpanda portal dash board

Foodpanda Reports

The second button on the restaurant portal is the report. You can see your daily or weekly reports. Six types of reports are generated in the Foodpanda portal listed below.

foodpanda reports
  • End-of-the-day reports (Total sale of the day, number of orders paid in cash, number of orders paid via online payment method). You can also see your daily report for the old day by choosing the date you want to see.
  • Performance report (shows a weekly report of daily sales, number of total orders, and number of total orders canceled)
  • Order details (Breakdown of all order details for a chosen time)
  • Revenue by an hour (Which time of the day do you have maximum orders and income. This will help you plan for future orders)
  • Manue performance (This report will help you identify your popular food and help you point out the less selling food. This report shows you can increase popular food sales by offering discounts or deals. You can also enhance the sale of your less-selling food by improving the description of food or pictures of the food.  
  • Top areas (This report will show you the areas with the highest and lowest sale of your food. You can use this report can offer some deals for fewer sales areas to increase your business)

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Foodpanda Orders

The third button of the Foodpanda restaurant portal is named orders. As shown in the picture below, you can see all your orders for a specific date and cancel orders for a particular date. You can also track any order detail by double-clicking on the desired order. You will see the order received time, and the order accepted time, the order in delivery time, and the delivery time.

Foodpanda order management

Foodpanda portal growth center

The fourth button on the Foodpanda portal is the growth center. Foodpanda growth will help you to enhance your visibility on the Foodpanda website and app. Three options are available in the Foodpanda growth center, as discussed below.

  • Panda picks (Foodpanda will charge a fixed amount per month, and customers will see your restaurant at the top of the list in your area)
  • Panda clicks (In this option, Foodpanda will show your products to potential customers. You will pay only when a customer clicks on your link.)
  • Panda promo (Foodpanda will show your product with a pink tag to promote your product, and they will charge you for this promotion.)

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Foodpanda restaurant menu management

This section will manage your menu items with pictures and control your food deals. You can upload a new food item with its picture through this section. Moreover, you can also change the description or picture of any food or product at any time. 

Restaurant opening and closing time

This section will allow you to set your opening and closing times for your restaurant. You will set opening and closing times for a whole week. In the report section, you can change your timings according to the reports showing you your restaurant’s peak selling hours.

 how to change change details

This section will help you to change your details. For example, if you want to change your bank account details or forgot your Foodpanda portal password, you will click on this button and send a query to the Foodpanda service. A food panda representative will guide you according to your query.

Foodpanda portal university

Foodpanda helps its partners to grow their businesses. In this regard, they prepare training and other material available in the Foodpanda university section.

Foodpanda vendor performance

This section shows your restaurant reports. This report includes your restaurant’s average food preparation time, order revenue loss, offline duration during the opening times, average restaurant acceptance time, restaurant delay rate, and customer conversion.

Foodpanda notification center

This section will show you all the updates regarding training or any other information about Foodpanda or your restaurant. 

Foodpanda invoices

This section has all the invoices and order summaries. You can download your invoices and order summary any time from this section and can check your bill according to your invoice. 

Final words

This blog is all about the Foodpanda portal. You can register your restaurant on the Foodpanda portal using this information efficiently. You can enhance your business without hiring a rider for home delivery by using the Foodpanda restaurant portal platform. We wish you the best of luck.

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