How to create a Facebook business page: A best step-by-step guide

How to create a Facebook business page

A Facebook business page is a platform where we can offer our products or service to our expected potential customers for selling for free. Online business has excellent potential in this era and increasing day by day. Corona’s pandemic pushed customers to online shopping, creating a gap in the online market.

Everyone does not have a website; a new website also needs social media advertisement. So, for both reasons, a Facebook page is the best option to start an online business or promote an already online business.

Why do we need a Facebook page

Why Facebook business page needed

When we think about online business, we always think about how we will start an online business or  

However, we will provide you with the reasons for starting a business online, and a Facebook business page is the first step to starting your online business. The Facebook page allows you to start, manage and even advertise your business online.

People spend more time on social media, and Facebook is a social media platform where 1.6 billion people are connected worldwide. So, we can show our products to these people and sell our products to them.

 On the other hand, we also question whether these people are our potential customers. The answer is no; these people are not our potential customers. So, we need to identify our potential customers, present our products, and convert them into customers.

Facebook page Facilities

Facebook business page facilitates

The Facebook business page also allows you to identify your suitable potential customers because Facebook has a robust database that stores almost every person’s information in listed categories.

  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Age (Age of the Facebook user)
  • Religion (Religion of the Facebook user)
  • Region (Living Country of the Facebook user)
  • City (City of the Facebook user)
  • Work (what type of work do Facebook users do)
  • Education (Qualification of the Facebook User)
  • Following (What type of people or groups the Facebook user is following)
  • Events (What type of events do Facebook users like to attend)
  • Interests (Interests of the Facebook user, Fashion, Books, dramas, shopping, and so on)

Suppose anyone has all the information mentioned above about users. In that case, he can quickly identify the potential customer for their products or identify the hot products online selling and offer to the already available customers.

We can run advertisements on Facebook and customize our advertisement; who will see our advertisement according to age limit, region (Pakistan), and other factors?

Difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group

We can make a Facebook page or group depending on the usage and purpose. This section will discuss the differences between the Facebook page and the Facebook group.

Facebook Business Page 

A Facebook page is a platform on Facebook where Businesses, Organizations, artists, brands, nonprofits, and public figures can attach to their customers and fans. Anyone following or liking a Facebook page will see updates from the business Page in their News Feed.

  • Facebook page owners can post with the page title. No one can see the Facebook page owner’s profile, so that the page owner can keep their profile separate from the Facebook page.
  • A Facebook page can also be managed through a mobile app for Facebook business page.
  • As a Facebook page owner, you have the authority to allow the fans of your page to see others’ profiles.
  • Anyone who likes your Facebook page will automatically see your Facebook page post in their news feeds
  • The Facebook business page has no limit in terms of fans or like from people. A Facebook page can have 1 billion fans.
  • As Facebook page owners, we can lock our page to a specific region like Pakistan. Still, it is not feasible in terms of only seeing a post. Still, it is feasible to lock our advertisement to our target region when we start an advertisement because it is paid content. We only want to show our advertisement to our potential customers.
  • As page owners, we can permit our fans to post on the Facebook page.
  • The Facebook business page also has the opportunity to optimize our posts concerning search engines like Google with the help of SEO to rank our posts on search engines. On the other hand, we can also lock our content on our Facebook page; no search engine can reach our content posted on the Facebook page.
  • People can comment on the Facebook page and post
  • Visitors can also post content on the Facebook business page, but it will show in the visitor post tab and need approval from the Facebook page owner to show in mainstream posts.

Facebook Groups 

Facebook group is a platform for communicating common interests and goals with specific people. We can make a Facebook group for everything, like family members, colleagues’ parties, or our old friend’s reunions.  

  • As Facebook group owners, we cannot hide our profile from the group members.
  • Facebook groups have three types 1-open group, a 2-closed group, or 3- a secret group
  • As an owner or admin of a Facebook group, we can manage our group according to the group type. Every type has different authorities for the visitors and members of the group, as discussed below.
  • Open group: Anyone can search the Facebook open group. Moreover, they can also see the open group’s content and the group members without joining the group. Anyone can also join the open group without permission from the Facebook group admin.
  •  Closed group: Anyone can search the closed group and see group members but cannot see the content posted in the group. Moreover, everyone needs the group admin’s permission to join the closed group.
  •  Secret group: You cannot search the secret group. Moreover, you can also not see the group members and the content posted in the secret group. Members or the admin of the secret group can invite the people to join the secret group.
  • A significant Facebook page is harder to manage for the admin, and you will miss posts unsuitable for business purposes.
  • Communication is also tricky in a large Facebook group.

As we discussed the differences between the Facebook business page and Facebook group, the Facebook business page is more suitable for an online business and is business-oriented. On the other hand, the Facebook group is unsuitable for large business groups and is not business-oriented. So, we recommend the Facebook page for online businesses

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How to create a Facebook page

Facebook user account

You should have a Facebook user account to create a Facebook business page. So, we will first discuss creating a Facebook user account. To create a Facebook user account, please follow the below instructions.

create a Facebook user account

Click on the button “create new account” to create a Facebook user account, and you will see the new window, as shown in the picture.

Open the following link to create a new Facebook user account.

Facebook new user sign up
  • First name: Write your name in this field
  • Surname: Provide your surname (Father’s Name) in this field.
  • Mobile number/ email address: Provide your active mobile number or active email address
  • Password: Set a password for your Facebook user ID
  • Date of birth:  Select the date of birth as the first field is a date, 2nd field is the month, and 3rd field is the year of your date of birth.
  • Gender: Select your gender, Male, Female, or transgender
  • Click on the signup button to finish the Facebook new user setup.

Now you have a Facebook user to create a Facebook business page.

Create a Facebook business page

Facebook business page

Click on the button available left side of the page named a create a page, and you will see a window like the picture mentioned above. Follow the guidelines below to fill in the required field to create a Facebook business page.

  • Page name: Provide the page’s name to your online Facebook page.
  • Category: Provide the category of your business like online clothing shop, online gift shop, online makeup shop, or any other category that suits your online business.
  • Description: Describe your business like what you will offer to the customers.
  • After providing the required information, click the create page button, and your Facebook business page is ready.

Now you have created a Facebook business page, and you will manage the page according to your wish.

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How to manage a Facebook page

We suggest you make a logo for your online business and place this logo on the page profile picture. Moreover, you should also make a Facebook page cover photo and place it on the cover of your Facebook business page. A picture of a Facebook business page is shown below.

Facebook business page management

On the left of the Facebook business page, you will see many options to manage your business page. Another picture is below for more options for managing your Facebook page.

Facebook business page options

We discussed the Facebook business page and also touched on the Facebook group. Contact us if you have any queries about managing a Facebook page.