How to create a brand on Daraz in XVII easy steps

brand on daraz

This article will explore to steps to create a brand on Daraz. The brand is intangible; we can not touch them, but it profoundly impacts our minds, and companies use them to distinguish their products from others. So you have a product and want to make it a brand. You will think of a unique name that is easy to remember for ordinary people for that product. After deciding on a name for your product, you will work on the following dimensions to create a brand on Daraz.

Factors for making a brand on Daraz

  • Quality
  • Place
  • Price
  • Audience
  • Promotion


premium quality on daraz

The quality of a product is the heart of your brand. You will get the first order of your product by promoting it and giving a low price to customers, but the repeat order will only depend on your product quality. So, you must provide a quality product to your customer and also maintain your product quality.


Right product on right place

The second factor essential for making a brand is to analyze the right place for your product, which means people do not use a product you are offering as not the right place for your product. However, Daraz is a place where you can sell almost every product type because this is a vast marketplace with demand.


best price

 At the initial stage, you have to focus on the price and the product’s quality. So initially, price is the backbone of your product. You give a quality product at a low price compared to the market; customers will buy your product.


target audience

You have to find out the target audience for your product to create a brand but fortunately, to create a brand on Daraz, you are free to find out the target audience for your product because Daraz will engage people for your product and help you to create a brand on Daraz in 2023.


promotion for create brand on daraz

Promoting a product will engage people and force them to buy your product. So, promoting your product by giving schemes like buy one get one free and marketing through social media and mainstream media is essential. However, Daraz has finished your promotion tension because people visit Daraz and find products. Although, Daraz has some criteria to show your product on top pages. So, you can create a brand on Daraz and promote it.

Now we will enlist steps to create a brand on Daraz in XVII easy steps. After logging into the Daraz account, you will click on the product button at the top left side of the web page. You will see some options like add products or manage products. You can choose either button to add your product and make it a brand on Daraz.Pk in 2023. By clicking add product, you will follow the following steps to create your brand on Daraz. Pk in 2023.

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Create a brand on Daraz in 2023

  1. Product name (Name of your product should be catching and easy to remember to create a brand on Daraz. Pk in 2023. e.g., Earring can be “Bundy”)
  2. Category (Select a variety of your product. for example, Jewellery)
  3. Video URL (You should make a Youtube channel for uploading short movies and provide your product youtube video link in this section. You promote your brand by providing a video to create a brand on Daraz. Pk in 2023).
  4. Brand (Your brand name, Think of a unique name that is easy to remember and also according to your product category)
  5. Highlights (Minimum heights should be 3. The highlights may be words like a high-quality product, low price, good looking, attractive, and antique. A highlight will attract the customer to buy your product.)
  6. Long description (You can write as, Welcome to my shop. Thank you so much for your interest in my product. I am providing you with an antique and high-quality product at a very reasonable price. The description should be polite and catch the customer to stay at your product)
  7. English description. (You can copy-paste your long “description” here, or you can write something more about your product)
  8. What’s in the box (Product name, like Earring)
  9. color (Color of your product that can be Antique)
  10. Image (You will share product pictures here. Picture should be eye-catching and colorful so that customers will be unable to ignore your product )
  11. Please input (you can add more colors of the same brand in this tab)
  12. Price (Mention the rate of your product here, the price should be competitive to the other similar products on the Daraz market to create a brand on Daraz. Pk in 2023.)
  13. Special price. (If you want to sell your product at a discount for promotional purposes rather than the original price. Then you will add the price here. Likewise, Daraz will ask you the time frame for promotion, starting date to the end date, with months and years. Additionally, Daraz will show your product  price with a cross and highlight your special price)
  14. Quantity (your available product quantity at your whare house)
  15. Seller SKU (Stock keeping unit. For example, Pair, No, Box or pieces, and so on)
  16. Package weight (mention your product weight in Kg, If your product weight is 250g, then you will write 0.250 Kg)
  17. Package dimension (length, width, and height in centimeters, cm)

Follow these XVII easy steps to create your brand on Daraz in 2023

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