How to buy shares in Pakistan

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How to buy shares in Pakistan is getting attention in Pakistan. A corporation that allows its stock to be bought and sold by the general public on a stock market is known as a listed company and the stock. Moreover, a unit of ownership in a firm openly traded on the stock market is referred to as a share. Furthermore, a listed company has its shares publicly traded on the stock exchange. You are considered a shareholder of a listed company and get ownership of a piece of the business when you purchase a share of that firm.

The forces of supply and demand in the market work together to establish the value of a share of a publicly traded corporation. In addition, the share price of a specific stock will go up in response to an increase in the demand for that stock. The same phenomenon will cause a specific company’s share price to decline if there is less demand for that stock.

A shareholder’s percentage of ownership in a listed firm is calculated by dividing the number of shares that the shareholder owns by the total number currently in circulation. If a corporation has 1 million shares available for purchase and a shareholder holds 10,000 of those shares, then the shareholder would have 1% ownership of the company.

Shareholders have the right to receive a dividend payment equal to a share of the firm’s earnings. They may also have voting rights on the company’s operation issues. However, the amount of these rights may differ based on the kind of shares that the shareholder owns, such as common shares as opposed to preferred shares. Specifically, the shareholder may have voting rights.

Now we will list down the steps involved for how to buy share in Pakistan.

How to buy shares in Pakistan

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You may purchase shares in Pakistan by following the procedures listed below.

  1. Electronic stock trading has completely replaced traditional methods in Pakistan,
  2. You will have to open a CDC (Central Depository Company) account to purchase shares in Pakistan.
  3. To create a CDC account, you must give certain information, including your name, CNIC number, and contact information
  4. You need to contact a stockbroker or a brokerage business to open a CDC account.
  5. You can select a stockbroker from a list of licensed financial advisors registered with the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).
  6.  You can select a brokerage firm depending on the company’s reputation, the costs involved, and the degree of service provided.
  7. To start trading, you must deposit money into your brokerage account.
  8. Place Your Order After you have deposited money into your account.
  9.  You may contact your stockbroker to have your purchase order placed.
  10. You must submit the firm’s name and the number of shares you are interested in purchasing.
  11. Your stockbroker firm will be responsible for settling your order and carrying it out on your behalf.
  12. Upon accomplishment of the deal, the shares will be credited to your CDC account.
  13.  The cash will be taken from your account.

Final words

If you want to participate in the stock market and have the possibility to earn a return on your investment, owning shares in a publicly listed company that you own can be a good strategy for you to take. Nevertheless, there are a few potential negatives to consider with this option as well. Furthermore, studying sufficiently and arriving at well-informed opinions about your investments is necessary before acquiring company shares.

To read more about investment in Pakistan stock exchange, click on the below link.

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