Best Business under 10 Lakh in Pakistan

Business under 10 lakh

We can choose business under 10 Lakh in Pakistan. However, We’re on the fence about establishing a company or looking for work, but covid-19 has affected the employment market everywhere, including Pakistan. So, let’s be ready to launch a business of our own; in this article, we’ll go through enterprises that may be launched in Pakistan for 10 Lakh Pakistani rupees.

So, let’s be ready to launch a business of our own; in this article, we’ll go through enterprises that may be launched in Pakistan for 10 Lakh Pakistani rupees. In this respect, Pakistan’s government emphasizes its young people, equipping them with a wide range of skills via initiatives like Digiskill, Taveta, and Kamyab Nojawan. Business ownership is seen as crucial to Pakistan’s long-term success.

Initiating a company may be done in two distinct ways. For starters, you have the capital necessary to launch your company. To get your firm off the ground, you need to find the most qualified workers and provide them with everything they need to succeed. Second, your initial capital outlay is modest. Therefore, you’ll need to fill knowledge gaps to expand your company.

Factors for business in Pakistan

The second kind of business development is the topic of this article. Here are five businesses you may start in Pakistan for 10 Lakh rupees. The following are some of the features that may help you win over a consumer.

  • Product Quality
  • Never intentionally mislead a client.
  • Location (Although your quality is the same as the competition’s, your customer service is more accessible.)
  • To what extent do you consider the needs of your consumers while making decisions?
  • The local environment

Businesses under 10 Lakh in Pakistan

Now we will list down the businesses that you can start under 10 Lakh in Pakistan

  • Photography
  • Gym and fitness center
  • Mineral water plant
  • Gadget store
  • Online advertisement Business


Beautiful sun rise behind  the mountains having river flowing

Commercial photography is not a dry, old industry. It’s a form of expression and a source of enthusiasm for many individuals. Why not convert your interest in lifestyle, travel, and the recording of incredible events into a rewarding job?

Starting a photography company could be a profitable second career in many developed nations, like the United States, Australia, and Canada.

This company concept is also rapidly spreading across Asia, where the young population is eager to seize every chance it can find to improve its economic standing. So, photography is an excellent option for business under 10 Lakh in Pakistan.

Photography niche

Finding your niche in the photography industry requires research into the greatest business ideas available. Some suggestions for a photography-related business to launch:

  • Tourism Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Freelance Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Stock Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • News Photography
  • Aerial Photography

Investment plan

ItemApproximate price
DSLR Camera60,0000
wide angle lens (Canon EF-S24mm f 2.8 STM)30,000
Tripod (Aluminum 3 section)18,000
Speedlight (Flash Speedlight MarkII)30,000
External Hard Drive (WD 2TB 3.0)23000
Memory Cards 512GB SD card13000
Bag/Carrying Gear (Pelican case with foam) 90000
Rechargeable Batteries (Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery)13000

Marketing on Social media

Photographers, in particular, may greatly benefit from advertising their work on social media; therefore, sharing buttons prominently on their websites is necessary. Joining social media groups and online forums with members who are interested in your sector may help you promote your brand and achieve greater success. Regarding your company’s social media presence, you have two options: either do it yourself or employ a graphic designer to create spectacular material.

You may also take your photography company to the next level by absorbing the expertise of successful photographers and other industry gurus. Many individuals in social circles are truly curious about getting to know you. You may introduce yourself, talk about what you do for a living, provide advice on promoting your photography business, voice your strong ideas, and network with other professionals worldwide.

Gyms and fitness centers

Gym and fitnes center business under 10 Lakh

Have you suddenly been fascinated with the concept of opening a fitness center? However, the genius lies in the fact that you’ve chosen the proper one. It will help if you start by drafting a gym business strategy to start business under 10 Lakh in Pakistan.

To write a good business plan for your prospective fitness center, you need to have a firm grasp on the following:

  • The nature of your company,
  • target market,
  • The unique selling point,
  • Financial projections
  • Are any other pertinent facts?

Gym business plan

The primary objective is to summarize the findings of your market study. Is there still anything missing from your analysis? Location, nearby gyms, and the people who could join them are all factors to consider.

Proposed target market

  • Schools and colleges
  • Students
  • Senior executives
  • Working professionals

Or perhaps just a certain group, such as bikers. Then, you may go further into why this group might join the gym (hint: cardio is a big draw).

Customer focus

If you’ve done your homework, you should have a firm grasp on who you’re trying to reach. The question you should be asking yourself.

  • What strategy will you use to win customer devotion?
  • Explain what sets you unique.
  • What is the most cost-effective membership category that you provide?
  • Are unique tools needed?

Find your competitive advantage by addressing these questions. What makes your company a great choice for shareholders should be highlighted here.

Marketing strategies 

Your advertising plan might focus on specific offerings like:

  • Prices
  • Promotions
  • New equipment
  • Advertising
  • Website promotions
  • Improving services
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsorship

Moreover, everything else you can think of to expand your business’s reach and boost your earnings.

Amenities and Services

You can get a good idea of how large your gym will be by describing the goods and services it will provide. Make the most of this chance to put your vision to the test; do you have the funds to support these holdings? What other way do you see yourself obtaining the necessary funds if you don’t? 


Some potential purchases are listed below.

  • Gym equipment (rowing machines, treadmills etc.)
  • Specialized gyms feature front-line tools and equipment to attract members with certain interests, such as bodybuilders.
  • Food or Drink and food products (Healthy foods, energy drinks, etc.)


  • Lockers
  • Physiotherapy
  • Classes (body pump, spinning, etc.)
  • Personal training

Mineral Water Plant

Pure water

Although installing a water purification plant seems like a good idea, you’ll need to research the ins and outs of getting one up and running. To earn a profit, the water plant requires substantial funding and a variety of reliable energy sources. Mineral water plant operations in Pakistan need additional permits and approvals. You might get into trouble with the law if you don’t have the right permits. We’ve compiled guidelines before establishing a mineral water plant to ensure that none of these problems arise. However, mineral water plant is another option to start business under 10 Lakh in Pakistan.


Gather the necessary paperwork: This is the most important aspect of establishing a business in any industry in Pakistan, water plants included. Establishing the legitimacy of your company is essential. It would be best if you got your hands on the appropriate permits for the job to be done legally without any legal hiccups. In addition to the necessary permissions, you will need copies of relevant contracts and legal conditions. Obtaining the appropriate licenses might also help you appeal to a wider range of customers. Therefore, if you want to get your company off the ground properly, make sure you have all the necessary licenses (proprietorship or single-member company registration)s and licenses to operate a mineral water facility (Punjab food authority and water sampling from PCSIR laboratory). 

Trademark registration from IPO Pakistan is optional but highly recommended to safeguard your brand’s identity and prevent others from using the same or confusingly similar name in the same or related industry without your permission.

Cost projections for the whole facility: If you’re considering starting a company producing mineral water, your first query should be, “What is the entire cost required to set up the mineral water plant?” Your plant’s potential financial needs are much broader than a water filter or purifier’s price. Every equipment required to launch a water plant must be costed out and evaluated. To get you going.

Land Requirement 

Another crucial step in establishing a mineral water plant company is picking the greatest and most appropriate site. Production facilities and administrative offices should be situated in separate buildings. Think about the following before deciding on a spot:

  • It’s preferable to choose a spot with easy access to water supplies. Do not choose a location with a shortage of water. A reliable water and power supply should be available in your chosen location. You will suffer substantial losses if your mineral water facility lacks one.
  • Ensure your factory is close to the center of the city’s consumer area. Access to the market for emergency supply drops is crucial in times of crisis.
  • The site picked needs to be accessible by road.

Tools, equipment and another cost

A mineral water factory can’t get up and running without the machinery and other essential equipment. People with more money flexibility may easily buy all the necessary tools and machinery. You may lease or rent the necessary gear and equipment on a limited budget. With that in mind, we have created a comprehensive inventory of everything you’ll need to launch your mineral water facility.

  • RO plant
  • sealers
  • Water filling machines and dispensers
  • Water sterilizers
  • Tanks for water storage according to the size of your mineral water factory
  • Government license costs
  • Utility cost (Electricity etc.)
  • Additives and Chemicals
  • Facility rent
  • Water tanks and reservoirs

Gadget Store

Technology gadgets store business under 10 Lakh

If you only have 10 lakhs to invest in a business in Pakistan, the best option is to open an information technology or gadget shop. In our modern day, everyone has access to the internet. These days, it’s hard to find a household or business without at least several electronic devices. People love to shop at shops dedicated to selling gadgets.

Mobile phones, Headphones, gaming consoles, speakers, cameras, home theatre systems, and so on are all examples of consumer electronics that have the potential to be successful in the marketplace. A new IT or gadget shop might do well at this time due to the increasing demand for such businesses.

Demand for electronics has increased, creating an opportunity for a shop with a comprehensive inventory and well-informed employees. Moving the shop online may increase customer satisfaction and the business’s bottom line.

Market analysis

Before opening your gadget shop, it’s a good idea to learn about and analyze the operational structure of similar businesses. In this context, “strategies” refers to ensuring happy customers, maintaining strong connections with vendors, and charging a standard markup on most products. You may use this data to better position your store’s pricing and policies in the market.

To avoid making the same errors as the unsuccessful gadget shops, it is also useful to examine the strategies used by the former.

Gadget Suppliers 

Before you commit to renting a place for your store or even spending any money on it, you need to investigate the various terms and conditions offered by the many distributors of electronic gadgets now operating in the market.

You’ll need this to keep a sufficient supply of promotional samples, phones, accessories, and other items like mobile repair services,  mobile SIM cards, and mobile chargers.

Contact various reputed gadget product suppliers to get information on how to partner with them. This list might contain minimum order size and other company owners’ recommendations. You should also research the maximum number of outlets that certain suppliers will get into a direct deal with.

Verify the authenticity of the things you purchase. The demand for authentic goods has increased recently, notably in consumer electronics. Selling your goods at the same price as similar items on prominent e-commerce websites is essential to the success of your own device retail company.

Online Advertisement Business

A beautiful scenery with laptop and greenery

Starting a digital marketing agency from the beginning with no experience is difficult but not impossible. There is a long process from nothing to having an established digital marketing business with clients and employees.

Although it will not be simple, nothing can prevent you from turning your dream into a reality and diving headfirst into the dynamic field of digital marketing as a service provider.

Digital Marketing Skills

It would be best to improve your online marketing abilities before launching a digital marketing business.

Therefore, you must be familiar with online marketing, how it functions, and the processes involved in implementing campaigns to boost your client’s traffic and revenues using one or more digital marketing platforms.

Click on the following link to explore more about digital marketing.

Digital marketing components

Even if you don’t need to be an expert in every facet of digital marketing from the get-go, you should have a solid grounding in the following before you go into the field

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

You can recruit digital marketing professionals and staff as your firm expands, but if you’re starting and don’t have either, you’ll need to learn to do it all yourself.

In reality, this is a crucial element for achievement. It’s important to save expenses and rely on others as little as possible when starting a company.

You must have practical experience with digital marketing procedures to learn what is successful (revenue and clientele) and where assistance is required.

The greatest method to become proficient at anything is to study the relevant theory and best practices from seasoned professionals, followed by extensive practice.

Knowing the fundamentals of digital marketing isn’t enough; you also need to obtain the experience you’ll need via actual work in the field.

Digital services

The next stage is to identify the specific digital marketing services you want to provide for your clientele. The following are some of the services that digital marketing agencies commonly provide

  • Web design and Development
  • Conversion optimization services
  • SEO Services
  • Email marketing services
  • PPC Services (Google Ads)
  • Social media marketing
  • content writing included

Final Words

To start a business need Investment and a good plan, but to grab business success, you need dedication, hard work and determination. You can learn from books or get knowledge from a mentor. Still, you have to be focused on your dreams and apply your knowledge to get experience because learning from others’ mistakes is knowledge, but learning from your mistakes is called experience.

A person can forget his knowledge, but he can not forget his experience. So, start your business, make mistakes, and overcome your mistakes; success will be yours.

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