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People often believe that to expand their businesses successfully, they have to be brutal. However, we are aware of a more effective means of expansion. One in which financial success is directly tied to customer satisfaction. We think that companies may expand professionally and intellectually via inbound marketing. That’s why we give you the knowledge to start and grow your business excellently.

My Journey

In 2010, I (Hafiz Waqas Mehmood) earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Chemical Engineering from a prominent institution in Pakistan and began working as a Production officer for a major Pakistani company. When researching what factors into a company’s ability to keep customers happy, I kept coming back to quality. I went on to get a Master of Science in Total Quality Management from another Pioneer Government institution in Pakistan. However, my job career goes with my education. To date, I have accomplished the following in my working life.

  • Process development
  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance certificates
  • Budgeting and costing
  • Business planning for new industry

Because of my extensive background in the field, I have made it my mission to assist rising startups and have completed several profitable projects to help them launch their enterprises. But I didn’t write any articles back then; a friend ( Muhammad Naveed) eventually persuaded me to start writing and posting them online so that more people may learn from my experiences.

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Unconventional Viewpoint: We consume a great deal of daily web content. Finding something new or a unique perspective on an old idea is always exciting for us.
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