A small shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023


Shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan is a profitable business. Shawarma is an Arabic food, A thin chapatti made from Maida filled with meat and sauces and wrapped in butter paper. Moreover, the origin of Burger is Germany and the united states of America.

The word hamburger comes from Hamburg, the 2nd largest city in Germany. Additionally, the Burger is made from a Bun cut into two pieces and filled with a chicken piece or Shami with salad and ketchup filling.

However, Shawarma and burgers have been Pakistan’s most popular fast food in the last decade. Local Shawarma and burger recipe has changed according to the taste of local people.

Mostly Burger and Shawarma brand chain products are too expensive, like MacDonald’s, K.F.C., and Hardees. So, the Middle class does not afford these fast-food brands, and they move towards local chains or local fast-food points. So, Shawarma and Burger stall has maximum chances of success in Pakistan in 2023. We will guide you to Start a small shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023.

To plan any business, you must focus mainly on the listed points.

  • Analysis business opportunity
  • Training to start a business on your own
  • Location for the business
  • Market Research
  • Investment required for the business

Analysis of business opportunity

First, we will analyze the opportunity to start a Shawarma burger stall in Pakistan in 2023. Moreover, Shawarma and burgers are considered fast food, which means you can cook them in minimum time. Several reasons have contributed to the increased fast-food market in Pakistan in the last ten years. These reasons are listed below.

  • Lifestyle pattern has changed in Pakistan
  • The target market for specific age group populations has increased
  • Women employment increased

Today people have a hectic lifestyle, and we want time-saving and convenient food, which is fast food. They are not wasting time preparing food, nor wish to travel to pick up the food, and even they do not want to wait for food at a restaurant. So, in the end, customers prefer to buy fast food and enjoy their meals happily. Customers also want to combine their food with other activities like shopping, traveling, work, or family outings. So,   there is an excellent opportunity to start a Shawarma burger stall in Pakistan in 2023.

How to start a business

There is no alternate for the experience. Knowledge can help somehow, but experience will make you suitable to start a business. You can minimize the risk of failure by getting experience from a restaurant that offers Shawarma and burgers before starting your Shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023. Many Shawarma and burger stall owners reveal that they work at a restaurant. Furthermore, they said they started their Shawarma and burger stall after getting the experience.

There is another way to get experience rather than working on a Shawarma and burger stall. For this purpose, You have to try recipes at home for Shawarma and burgers, which we will share with you at the last of this article. You can change the recipe, or even you can also try your recipe.

Moreover, share your product with your family members and friends and take feedback. Make notes for different recipes depending on the input and then calculate the cost of the product, which looks like a final recipe. So, the training is the most important part of starting a small shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023.

Location for the business

The location of your Shawarma and burger stall is critical for your success. In addition, It would be feasible to select an area having convenient parking, a continuous traffic stream, and closeness to the business points like malls. You should find a point near flats and shopping markets. Moreover, you have also managed the rent of the location of your Shawarma and burger stall.

After selecting your Shawarma and Burger stall location, Visit the other booths near your chosen location and try their meal, which will help you understand your target customer’s taste. You can also communicate with the target customer buying from your expected competitor to set your Shawarma and Burger recipe. Location is also crucial to Starting a small shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023.

Investment required for the business

An essential factor in starting any business is the initial investment required to start a business. Moreover, a significant investment is necessary to buy machinery, equipment, and raw material. Moreover, running capital is also needed to support your business in the early months to flourish your business efficiently. We list the machinery and equipment required to Start a small shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023. Moreover, the needed raw material is shared in the recipe section of this article.

Hot Plate (S.S.)35000
Gas shawarma machine four burners (S.S.)40000
Commercial deep fryer (S.S.)40000
Preparation table (S.S.)30000
Salad cutter (Moter machine)10000
LPG cylinder (Purchase)6000
Shop renovation with a water supply and outflow75000
Running capital required100000
Employee pay per month15000


SHAWARAMA business

Raw Material of Shawarma

  • Shawarma bread
  • Chicken pieces
  • White sauce
  • Spicy sauce
  • Pickle
  • Rapper

Marination of chicken

We are sharing a recipe for 10kg chicken you can change according to your requirements, like half the spices for 5kg and 1/4 for the 2.5kg.

Chili Flakes (Dadar mirch)40g
Soya sauce100ml
Chili sauce100ml
Red chili50g
National Tikka masala150g
Garlic powder40g

Shawarma marination method

Add all the spices to a bowl and mix them well. Cut chicken breast pieces into thin strips to cook on the Shawarma machine nicely. After that, marinate the chicken pieces with the mixed spices and put them onto the Shawarma machine rod. Now half cook these strips with the help of a Shawarma machine, cut their small pieces, add some oil to the hot plate, and cook these pieces hot plate.

Shawarma white Sauce

Equipment: Blender

Raw material for white sauce

Garlic4pcs (Big Size)
Egg4 Pcs
Salt1 tablespoon (15g)
Sugar1 Tablespoon (13g)
China Salt  (Ajinomoto)1 Tablespoon (13g)
Black pepper¾ Tablespoon (7g)
Water1 cup

White sauce method

Add Garlic, egg, salt, sugar, china salt, and black pepper and blend them well. After mixing, open the cover of the blender and turn it on the blender. Moreover, take oil from a bottle with a hole in its cap and pour oil slowly while the blender runs. Now check the thickness of the oil and add water and get sauce thickness according to your demand.   

Shawarma spicy sauce

Equipment: Blender

Spicy sauce raw material

Red chili flakes125g
Vinegar1 Cup 300ml
Salt½ Tablespoon (8g)

Spicy sauce method

Add three ingredients to a blender and mix them well, and your spicy sauce is ready

Shawarma pickle

cucumber2 Pcs
Green chili fresh10 Pcs
Water1 Bowl

Shawarma pickle method

Cut into small pieces of cucumber, carrot, and green chili. In addition, now dip the chicken pieces of all vegetables into water and add vinegar. Leave these dipped vegetables over a night, and the pickle is ready.

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Zinger burger

ZINGER burger stall

Raw Material of zinger  Burger

  • Burger bun
  • Mayonnaise
  • Chili garlic sauce
  • Chicken Thai pieces (Remove bone from chicken Thai piece) 2kg
  • Vinegar For washing chicken (1/4 cup)
  • Salt For washing (3 tablespoons)
  • Mix Spices
  • Maida
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Iceberg lettuce or cabbage

Washing of chicken zinger pieces

Add chicken pieces, salt, three tablespoons, and a vinegar ¼ cup into a bowl. Furthermore, mix them well to remove the smell to absorb vinegar and salt in the meat’s pores. After that, wash the meat 3 to 4 times to remove vinegar and salt. Vinegar will soften the chicken and open the pore of the chicken; that is good for penetrating the marination spices into these pores to get a juicy and tasty chicken piece. 

Marination spices list for 2kg zinger chicken

Red chili20
Garlic powder7.5
Ginger powder2.5
China salt (Ajinomoto)10
Citric acid2.5
Chicken powder7.6
Mustard powder2.5
Chaat masala (National)5
Chilli flakes (Dadar Mirch)2.5

After mixing these spices, you will get about 78g of masala, which is enough for 2kg chicken. However, if your quantity is double or triple, you can double or triple the weight of spices, respectively.

Take chicken pieces in the bowl, add the recipe masala into it, mix well, and leave the chicken over a night for good marination in which masala will penetrate the pores of the chicken, which are open due to the vinegar. 

For Zinger piece breading

 Take Maida, place your chicken piece on the maida, and roll it nicely to layer on the chicken piece. After that, dip the chicken piece into the water for 10 seconds and then again move it into the maida to get better crums on your chicken after frying.

Zinger piece frying

Take oil at 160 C° for 7 minutes. Always use a zinger rack to avoid the d-shape of the zinger chicken piece.

Zinger Salad sprinkle

Cut Iceberg lettuce into thin slices for salad usage; if Cut Iceberg lettuce is unavailable, you can use cabbage for salad. Iceberg lettuce is softer than cabbage and gives a gentle bite. 

Dressing zinger burger

Cut Burger into two pieces. Toast the burger bun, paste mayonnaise and chili garlic sauce on it, add some salad, place a zinger chicken piece on it, and place another part of the bun, and your zinger burger is ready.

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Shami Burger


Shami Kabab Burger’s raw material

  • Shami kabab
  • Burger bun
  • Egg
  • Oil
  • Large size Knife
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cabbage

Shami Kabab recipe

  • Daal Chana 1kg (Dip in water over a night to soften it and open its pores)
  • Boneless chicken  500g
  • Water ( Dip chicken and Dall chana for boiling)
  • Chicken cube (2 pieces)
  • Cumin powder (8g)
  • Chilli flakes or Dadar Mirch (5g)
  • Salt (13g)
  • Coriander flakes (5g)
  • Garam Masala powder (3g)
  • Red chili powder (7g)
  • Chicken powder (2g)
  • Turmeric powder (2g)
  • Green coriander slakes 10g

Take Dall Channa, chicken, and other spices into a pan and dip them in water. Now place this pan on the stove and cook it. Water should be in quantity so that you do not need to drain it, and if you add some extra water, you could boil it after cooking the mixture.

Now separate the chicken piece and shred them into pieces. Additionally, add the Dall chana mixture into a blender or food processor, turn on the blender, and paste Dall chana. Extract the paste of the Dall into a bowl, add shredded chicken and green coriander flakes, and make a homogenized paste by mixing by hand. Moreover, now make the Shami kabab using hands or Shami kabab equipment. 

Shami burger Green Chili sauce

Equipment: Blender

Green chili sauce raw material

  • Green chili 100g
  • Water ( Dip green chili in water)
  • Salt (3g)
  • Cumin flakes (1g)

Chili sauce method

Take green chili and salt into the blender and add water to dip the green chili.

 Now turn on the blender and get a homogenized blend of green chili sauce.

Extract the mixture, add cumin flakes, and mix well.

Your green chili sauce is ready.

Yogurt sauce

Equipment: Blender

Yogurt raw material

  • Yogurt 500g
  • Green coriander chopped  5g
  • Green chili 30g
  • Cumin flakes 2g
  • Salt 3g

Yogurt sauce method

Add green coriander, chili, cumin flakes, salt, and about 50g yogurt into a blender and turn on the blender to make a homogenized blend. Moreover, take the remaining yogurt into a bowl and add this blend into the remaining yogurt and mix well. Your yogurt sauce is ready.

Hot sweet sauce

Equipment: Blender, Stainer, saucepan,  and stove

Hot sweet sauce raw material

  • Green chili 10pieces
  • Water 100ml
  • Tamarind pulp  (Immli) (30g)
  • Salt 3g
  • Cumin flakes 2g
  • Chaat masala 2g
  • Sugar 10g

Hot sweet sauce method

Take green chili and water into a blender and turn on the blender. After making a homogenized mixture, strain the mixture into a bowl using a filter so that green chili seeds do not enter the bowl.

Add tamarind into a bowl, add almost 35ml water, and make pulp using your hand. In addition, filter this pulp using a stainer to avoid tamarind seeds and flakes.

Mix this tamarind blend with the green chili mixture in a saucepan and add other spices. Cook at the stove to get a thick sauce according to your requirement. 

Dressing of Shami kabab burger

After making all ingredients of the Shami burger, we will make a Shami kabab burger. Moreover, Take oil onto the hot plate and fry Shami kabab. After that, Cut the Burger into two pieces using a large knife and toast it on a hot plate using a small quantity of oil. Add some ketchup to one side of the burger bun and other sauces (Green sauce, hot and sweet sauce, and yogurt sauce) on the other side of the Burger. Place

Shami kabab on the side of the sauce dressing of the Burger and spread it using a knife. Furthermore, Add some quantity of cabbage salad, cutting onto the Shami side. Take the egg into a bowl, add a tiny amount of green sauce and salt, mix it well, and cook it on a hot plate using oil. Roll the egg and place it onto the bun. Moreover, add mayonnaise (optional) and put the other side of the bun onto it, and your Shami burger is ready. Serve it with sauces.

We list every aspect of starting a small shawarma and burger stall in Pakistan in 2023.

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