8 best websites to earn money from copy paste work in Pakistan

copy paste work

The flexibility of copy paste work in Pakistan from home means you don’t need to go to an office daily. There is a growing availability of online employment opportunities as a direct result of the growth of mobile devices and the expansion of high-speed internet access. Many individuals work online in several industries, such as customer service, writing and billing, programming, and even teaching.

In Pakistan, copy-and-paste work is among the highest-paying data entry jobs that don’t cost anything extra. Working an additional 2–4 hours per day from home is easily achievable. Copy and paste work could be the most practical way to make money online, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a student, a retiree, or just plain busy.

To start working and making money, you only need a computer and a reliable internet connection. A fast typing speed is another potential need.

On the other hand, many spam or fake websites have attracted many innocent individuals into their trap. So, we are writing this article! To ensure that you avoid falling victim to predators, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of safe and reputable copy-paste resources in Pakistan.

What is Copy Paste work?

Work that requires you to copy and paste information from one place to another is called copy-paste work. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time looking for the material online since it has been provided.

Workers assigned such tasks are often given some starting point, such as a picture, paper, or spreadsheet. Your next job is to transform this input into some other form. For instance, if you are handed a word document, the firm could want you to convert that document into a PDF. Just like that!

If you’re looking for low-risk, high-paying data entry work, copy-paste work is a great option. Make some additional money by working 2–4 hours each day from the comfort of your own home. Copy-paste work is the most straightforward online job for a housewife, student, retiree, or anybody looking to make some additional money online.

How to find copy-paste work from home in Pakistan

It is unnecessary to seek any further than your local library to find a good job that requires you to copy-paste work. It is common for libraries to provide online job boards, which introduce potential employees to hiring managers. To find remote employment, you may go to websites like Rozee.Pk and Indeed, or you can check your local library’s website. Many professions need little to no experience or a particular skill set.

Finding copy paste work and other data input forms may be done effectively via local newspapers. You may apply to a company’s website or call them to request an application. In addition, you should inquire about membership costs, if any. Go to their office and ask them questions. 

If you can collect current members’ contact information, it is a good idea to do so and this will allow you to determine the organization’s reliability and other crucial information that the company may be unable to provide.

Duties for copy paste work

if it is not online, you will copy and paste the information into a Word document and save it to your personal computer. It will be possible to send an email to the company later. Copy and paste the content into the organization’s online portal if it’s an online document. These are two simple tasks.

Textual material might be a liner, ten, fifty, or one hundred lines long. You have a certain amount of time to finish the assignment that has been assigned to you. If you have 30 days to complete a task, you must do it within that time. Otherwise, the company has the right to cancel your account.

Although firms do not care about everyday work, they worry for 30 days. Thus, it is essential to sit down with the various plans supplied by the company you are working for.

Most businesses demand an initial registration cost of between $50 and $100. Before sending any money, it’s probably a good idea to verify the company’s validity. Look for an organization that offers these positions with no initial investment. Your assignment will be sent to you when you have registered with the company.

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Types of copy paste work

As a result of your newfound knowledge, you’ll be able to enter data of any kind with ease. Therefore, if you are interested in making money in copy paste work, it would be beneficial to learn more about the many copy paste work.

Ad posting jobs: In the Ads Manager, you will need to generate a page post for the campaign.

Word to Excel/ Excel to Word: You need to convert the excel file into a word file and the word file into an excel spreadsheet.

Word Document to PDF/PDF to Word Document: Sometimes, you will be provided with a word document and asked to convert it to pdf or pdf format to a word document.

Image to word Document conversion: you may also ask to convert a JPG image format to a word document file.

Adding the product to e-commerce websites: You will be given a product and asked to list it for sale on an online marketplace like Amazon, Daraz, or others. Products may be added to any online shop in the same way. After adding a product, you’ll be prompted to give it a name, upload a picture, write a brief description, and set a price.

Invoice Generating: Copy and paste the produced invoices into a new Word document.

Visual Basic/Visual Studio: Personal information, like name, phone number, address, etc., should be copied and pasted. 

Advantages and disadvantages of copy paste work

Jobs that involve copying and pasting might have their benefits but can also have drawbacks. We must provide an accurate picture of the circumstances surrounding this position.

Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the work’s advantages and disadvantages.


Online copy-paste work in Pakistan does not require you to leave the house to earn money. It’s possible to get money doing copy-paste work, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a student, or even retired.

Tasks involving copy and paste are straightforward. You probably won’t get bored with this, and you should be able to get it all done in the allotted time.

The payment is not insufficient at all. Money comes in when you perform only copy-paste work. You can earn a good living doing this if you give it your all.

A person may begin working for a copy-and-paste company. A degree or employment history is not necessary. Working knowledge of computers and an idea for artificial language are prerequisites.


Although copy and paste work has many benefits, it also has some drawbacks.

First, it’s not easy to find copy-paste work. Finding a legit copy-and-paste job that pays requires extensive searching on the internet and other classified sites.

Second, you may also need to be on the lookout for any scams and frauds. Since many of these businesses are scams out to steal your money, it is essential to be careful.

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8 best websites to earn money from copy-paste work in Pakistan

This article will provide information about a trusted platform for copy-paste work, but you must be vigilant to verify before applying. To increase your chances of being hired, we insist you only use reputable job application services, such as the ones we’ve provided below.


Find copy paste work on Upwork

Upwork, one of the most reputable online platforms, has recently seen tremendous success in Pakistan. The site serves as an excellent venue for independent contractors to connect. Many individuals are interested in the long-term side hustle business but do not want to give up their day jobs, so they make this choice instead.

You won’t have to pay anything to create an account on this site, but you may have to pay if you want to apply for many jobs at once. Given that you need Connects to apply for any jobs on our site. There is a correlation between the job’s wage and the value of the Connects that can be redeemed for cash. For most contract jobs, you’ll need between three and four Connects.

If you’ve used up all of your Connects and don’t want to shell out any more money, there’s good news: you receive free Connects every month, so you may keep applying to new copy-paste jobs.

The more hours that you put in, the greater the amount of money that you bring in. It’s that easy! If you work five days a week for 4 to 5 hours each, you may comfortably make between Rs.30,000 and Rs.40,000 per month. However, this can only be accomplished via competent effort.

First, sign in on the Upwork website and then type the data entry job in the search bar, as shown in the above picture, to find the copy-paste jobs. Upwork will show you results related to your query. You will select a job that attracts you and apply for that job.


Find copy paste work on Fiverr

Many people have found success on Fiverr by offering their services for simple copy-and-paste tasks.

The most admirable aspect of Fiverr is that the verification procedure for selling does not take very long in contrast to other platforms. To begin receiving gig offers from clients, you must first post a gig. If they are interested in working with you because of your gig, you will most likely get a proposal. Thus, success on the site is conditional on your presentation of the gig.

If you want to get to work quickly, you may even let your friends and family know about your gig so they can spread the word. Many users of Fiverr need the services of freelancers who can do copy-and-paste work. So dive into this excellent system and create an engaging act.

The Fiverr dashboard is where you can learn all you need to know about making a successful gig. It will point the route to success in every manner conceivable.

Fiver has many copy paste jobs in the data entry category. Make a gig for data entry and focus on copy paste the job in your description and thumbnail photo as shown in the picture.


Find copy paste work on Freelancer

2009. It’s a global crowdsourcing site where thousands of individuals may apply for data entry and copy-and-paste tasks.

The website is an alternative to the popular platform Upwork, and its primary selling point is easy access to substantial online earnings. The most attractive feature is that it’s free for job-seekers to go through all the copy-and-paste opportunities.

Six free Bids are available each month on Freelancer, and each Bid may be used to apply for a single open position. This means you may apply for six different jobs with only six Bids. You now have additional opportunities to submit your resume for employment consideration. On the other hand, you may increase your Bid supply by upgrading your membership.

You can find copy-paste work on freelancer platforms under data entry jobs.


Find copy paste work on Guru

Hundreds of online copy-and-paste jobs may be found on Guru. The most pleasing element of the website is that it does not cost anything to sign up or look for work relevant to your abilities. Isn’t it the solution you’ve been seeking?

Whether you’re an employer looking to hire freelancers or freelancers looking to outsource your work, you’ll find the platform’s job posting procedure straightforward.

You must tailor your search criteria accordingly if you’re a freelancer seeking a certain kind of work. On Guru, for instance, you can apply for a filter displaying copy-paste jobs, as shown in the image above. Only jobs that are comparable to your current field will be shown. You can choose the best option for you and can apply easily.


Find copy paste work on Peopleperhour

PeoplePerHour, founded in the United Kingdom, is a website that connects skilled freelancers with clients worldwide.

One of the most popular freelance platforms, it is well recognized as a place to get work in writing and translation. You can apply for high-paying copy-and-paste jobs online, even though they are familiar.

There will be no charge for the first fifteen monthly proposals. You may use those suggestions to apply for employment and get access to the door that leads to a reliable monthly income. The site is attractive since it allows you to make between Rs.1,000 and Rs.2,000 daily, depending on the job you’re searching for and your level of competence.

If you’re chosen, there won’t be any costs associated with applying for your desired position. PeoplePerHour recruitment staff has a screening procedure that uses strict criteria to select which new accounts to accept. PeoplePerHour will approve your account for registration if it satisfies specific criteria. It will likely be rejected if it doesn’t, and you’ll have to go elsewhere for copy-and-paste work.

If you want to maximize your chances of being recruited after applying for employment on this site, it is advised that you first construct a comprehensive portfolio.

LinkedIn Jobs

Find copy paste work on LinkedIn

One of the most reliable social networking networks, LinkedIn, is used by millions of people to search for employment opportunities that are a good match for their education, experience, and career goals. It’s a free service that has helped thousands of businesses find employees and freelancers find data entry and copy-and-paste work in Pakistan.

This site is an excellent resource for anyone looking for temporary or permanent copy-and-paste work. To find your dream career, you must create an account on this fantastic website. You can invite them to connect with the people you believe to be known. The Jobs tab in the control panel provides quick access to the platform’s job search functionality.

You may narrow down the results by selecting the desired occupation, which will only return positions within a comparable field.

You can apply filters to find specific copy-paste jobs, as shown in the picture.


Find copy paste work on Facebook

Facebook is also a fantastic option for online copy-paste work searching. Currently, they have active users, around 2.95 billion in 2022. Facebook has many groups and pages for online work; you can join these groups or pages to hunt for copy-paste work, as shown in the picture above.

Facebook is not a freelancing platform, so you must be very careful while accepting a job on Facebook. First, check the comments on the ad and the credibility of the page by reviewing other people’s comments.

However, many people find online copy-paste jobs on Facebook, and you should try them.

Google Careers

Find copy paste work on google carrers

Google, being the most popular search engine, is also the most reliable and trustworthy platform because of its open nature. Any specific job you’re seeking may be found with a simple search. Try entering “best online copy and paste jobs” for an example. After that, input the job title and city, then click the search button, as shown in the picture above. You’ll be provided with a directory of generic employment boards. View the results list, note the people who fit your criteria, and then go to the website to submit your application for the copy-and-paste job.

It is the most efficient method of retrieving results after evaluating all reputable and well-known websites on a wide range of criteria.

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