5 Business to start in Pakistan Under 5 Lakh Rupees

business under 5 Lakh in Pakistan

Business under 5 Lakh in Pakistan is not a dream but need hard work to start. There is a debate in our mind, whether we go for a job or start a business, but covid-19 impacts the job market worldwide, including Pakistan. So, we should prepare ourselves to start a business, and here we will tell you five businesses to start in Pakistan for under five Lakh rupees. In this regard, Pakistan’s government focuses on their youth and provides them different skills using different platforms like Digiskill, Taveta, and Kamyab Nojawan programs. Pakistan has known that entrepreneurship is the future of Pakistan.

There are two ways to start a business. First, you have enough investment to start a business. You need to hire the best employees and provide them all the resources they need and establish your business. Second, you have low investment, and then you should learn a skill to develop your business with available investment.

Factors for 5 lac rupees business

This article is focused on the second type to start a business. We will discuss five businesses to start in Pakistan for under 5 lac rupees. The feature on which you can attract your customer is listed below.

  • Quality of the product
  • Never try to cheat your customer.
  • Location ( Quality is the same as your competitor, but your customer can approach you easily than the competitor)
  • Your behavior towards customers
  • An environment of your location

Business under 5 Lakh

The list of 5 businesses to start in Pakistan for under 5 Lakh rupees is sharing below.

  • Beauty salon
  • Second-hand mobile sale purchase
  • Event decoration
  • DJ-sound system
  • Burger and shawarma point

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Beauty Salon

Facial cleansing in a beauty saloon with beauty products

Beauty salon is one of the best businesses in Pakistan that can start with under 5 lac investment, and for sure, it will pay off. As the potential customer for this business is females of all ages, the female population in Pakistan is almost half of the total population, which is 22coror. So, customer for this business is available in every residential area of the metropolitan city of Pakistan. On the other hand, the customer potential will depend on the town’s location, like Bahria town or DHA customer will pay you healthy compared to other city points. Thus to start this business, focus on the features given in the introduction of this article.

 The government of Pakistan is providing training under Taveta with the course name beautician. So, you need to get skills before starting a business from low investment.  We will give you complete information about the trade to make a start. First of all, we will list down the services you can offer in your salon.

Beauty Saloon proposed services

  • Hairdressing
  • Hair cut
  • Hair coloring
  • Facial
  • Makeup (Party and bridal)
  • Body hair waxing
  • Body hair threading
  • body scrubs
  • Body hair bleaching
  • Makeup
  • body masks
  • face masks
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail extrusion and extension

Beauty saloon business plan

The second phase of planning a business is to list down the raw material and the equipment used in the industry. Here is a list of the equipment and the raw material you will purchase and start a beauty salon under 5 Lakh rupees in Pakistan.

We are starting with one person assumption.

Equipment or Raw material namePrice
Saloon Station with mirror50000
Interior design and waiting furniture100000
Saloon chair20000
Facial bed11000
Salon trolley6500
Shampo unit12000
Nova hair straightener + dryer 2 in one combo1550
Electric applicator shaver and hair remover KM-8001, Kemei (5in1)3000
Pedicure, manicure, and nail chair18000
Sterilizer cabinet (UV-light)7900
Wax heater (Pro Wax-100)3000
Foundation brush160
Professional brush set 24pcs1200
Eye shadow (Atiqa Odho)2000
Makeup kit ( Atiqa Odho)3700
Professional makeup kit (Branded)9000
Face powder (Atiqa Odho ACFP1-8)2200
Lipstick kit 25Pcs ( Medora)5000
Nail polish kit 25 pcs ( Medora)5000
Facial (Derma Shine)5000
Shop rent Depending on location and area of the shop20000-30000
Assistant pay20000
Working capital100000
Total (Calculation on high amounts)5 Lakh

The above list includes almost all equipment and raw material used in any well-known salon in metropolitan cities of Pakistan. You can skip some equipment like a facial bed at the start because you can use a salon chair for both purposes.

Second-hand mobile sale purchase

Mobile phone store and repairing lab

Mobile phone is an integral part of every ordinary person worldwide. Furthermore, the Pakistani government recently established a department working on the project name digital Pakistan. This project is responsible for connecting every person through the internet to the whole world for business and other purposes like banking and online sale purchase. According to the data of PTA, 184 million mobile phones are registered and working in Pakistan, which means almost 84% of the total population of Pakistan is using a mobile phone. There is another fact that most of them do not have enough money to purchase a new mobile. So, they go for second-hand mobile, and this ratio is high in Pakistan.

The above data shows that the second-hand mobile sale and purchase business in Pakistan has much attraction. There is high competition in this business, but some tips and techniques will make you unique and help you attract customers.

Tips for second hand mobile business

That tips and techniques are listed below.

  • Update your knowledge about new technology in mobile phones
  • Up to date your understanding of the resale value of every mobile
  • Up to date your knowledge about which mobile phone is in demand in your market
  • You should Learn the specifications of the different mobile phones
  • You should learn the feature of the mobile so that you can guide your customer about the features of the mobile

It would help if you had enough grip on the specifications and features of different company mobile phones to compare and suggest a mobile phone based on fair comparison with logic. Moreover, It will be more beneficial if you can learn the repairing of mobile phone. Now, we are listing down the steps to start a business in Pakistan under 5 Lakh rupees.

Business highlights

  • Investment of 5 Lakh.
  • Never cheats on your customer.
  • Search a Market and a reasonable supplier to buy second-hand mobile for sale (Hall road)
  • Understand features of the mobiles
  • Learn how to buy a mobile from a walking customer at a cheaper rate
  • Learn how to find out a defect in the mobile
  • Most important, Make sure that the mobile phone is not stolen (Take CNIC from walking supplier)
  • Make your shop page on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to market your shop.
  • Make an ad on the OLX and DARAZ for the online sale of mobile phones with an explicit mention of the mobile brand, model, and condition and add pictures of the mobile phone.

In a nutshell, selling and purchasing a second-hand mobile phone is an excellent choice to start a business in Pakistan under 5 Lakh. You should have skills like smartness, swiftness, intelligence, socialization, vibrance, and good persuasion.

Event decoration

event decoration at a canal bank having a bridge

An event refers to a wedding party, birthday party, anniversary party, corporate events, university convocation party, or other parties. Event management has many dimensions like catering, venue, Sound system or D.J. system, decoration, and other minor requirements. All elements need a team to manage and need heavy investment. On the other hand, event decoration can allow small-scale business people to start a business in Pakistan for under 5 Lakh rupees. This article will discuss the idea, significant equipment, and raw materials needed to create an event decoration business in Pakistan for under 5 Lakh rupees.   

You have two different options to start an event decoration business in Pakistan for under 5 Lakh rupees. First, find out various parties doing business only in catering and deal with them as a partner for event decoration. Second, make an office and establish your own business. You can start your business by involving your friends and family members to take orders initially.

Proposed equipment and raw materials

Initially, you need only one assistant who will help you to arrange raw material and transport that raw material and equipment to the venue. Moreover, after completion of the event, get back the equipment. A list of raw materials and potential equipment is shared below.

  • Small office (Maybe start from home initially)
  • Iron Stand of different styles (Arches, Fabric draping,  columns, centerpieces bases, centerpieces, sculptures)
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Cotton fabric different colors
  • Fresh flowers
  • Iron wire
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Cutters
  • Screw
  • Nail
  • Lights

The list shows the major items needed to start a decoration business. Moreover, some materials can buy at the time of event decoration like fresh flowers. After setting an office, make a pamphlet and visiting card and distribute them near your populated area. There is another way to market your business: create a Facebook page and promote your business.

Every business needs creativity, but decoration needs more creativity as every time you need to decorate an event with different styles. In this regard, listen to your customer with extra care. Make a draft on the page, and discuss it with the customer. Customer voice always contributes to customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction will enhance your business.

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DJ-sound system

DJ full sound system setup at party, Business under 5 Lakh

A new dimension has been added in the event management name as D.J. If you are a music lover and have the sense to judge people what type of tunes they are enjoying at a particular time. This new branch of event management is suitable for you. The D.J. service business is booming day by day in Pakistan. Initially, D.J.’s service started in metropolitan cities of Pakistan, and now it has also reached almost every part of Pakistan. Moreover, in marriage events, people invite a D.J. sound system. However, now it has an integral part of every event like seminars, official events, birthday parties, and much more. This article will cover the list of equipment and their expected price in the market to help you decide to start a business in Pakistan under 5Lakh.

The success of any business depends on the number of customers and customer satisfaction. In the beginning, you have to work hard to get customers, and the repetition of customer or reference of the customer will depend on the service you will give in an event. If you provide extraordinary service in an event, people who will enjoy your benefits will approach you to organize any event. So, the first time you need to meet some event management organizations and ask your friends and family member to promote your business.

DJ-sound system business plan

An essential part of any business Is the quality product or service to provide your customer. The product or service quality always depends on the equipment, raw material, and employee. In the D.J. business, the service quality will depend on the sound system quality and the player who will play the music tracks.  The list of equipment and their expected price is mentioning below.

D.J. mixer with JBL speaker 16 channels, Stereo powered mixer XR-20165  150000
DJ light,  RGB 36 LED Par Stage Light2500/Pc
D.J. Disco Operator 192 Channels DMX512 Controller Console for Stage Light Party15000
CD player,  Sony DVD Player DVP-SR7609500
amplifier, Sony XM-N1004 4-Channel16000
Laptop, Dell Latitude E5540 15.6 inches Laptop, Core i5-4310U 2.0GHz, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD, DVDRW, Windows 10 Pro 64bit48000
microphone,  Shure Beta 58A Super Sounds Microphone4000
Light stand50000

Technology has become a part of our life as a basic necessity, and social media has more significant influence than mainstream media. So, advertising a business is now easier than ever because you can make a Facebook page on Facebook and promote your business. You can also make a pamphlet and advertise it on social media using google ads or Facebook ad facility. This facility is affordable, and you can also customize your expected customers by their age group and location.

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Burger and shawarma point

Real American burger point, Business under 5 Lakh

Food business Is an eye-catching business in this era, especially for food lovers because food lover always eats food with great interest and always try to innovate recipes. If you are interested in food and have different recipes in fast food, then the burger and shwarma business in Pakistan is best under 5 Lakh investment. As we discussed the factors in the introduction section of this article, you need to select a proper location for your business. Moreover, please focus on the quality of the product and respect the customers and their voices. Your customer can teach you and even enhance your taste. So, please always listen to your customer feedback or complaint and work on them to improve your bite.

Burger and Shawarma business plan

There is always competition in business, and you have to grab your share from the challenging situations as life is not a bed of roses. Prepare yourself to face a problem, and you will end with a solution and an experience that will help you in the future. We will enlist the equipment necessary to start a burger and shwarma business in Pakistan under 5 Lakh.

Hot Plate (S.S.)35000
Gas shawarma machine four burners (S.S.)40000
Commercial deep fryer (S.S.)40000
Preparation table (S.S.)30000
Salad cutter (Moter machine)10000
LPG cylinder (Purchase)6000
Shop renovation with a water supply and outflow75000

The essential equipment has been mentioned above. The raw material of burgers and shawarma depends on the recipe in your mind. You can buy burger bun and shawarma bread from Bunnys, Dawn bread, or any other supplier. 

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