12 Small Most Profitable Business in Pakistan to start in 2023

Most Profitable business in Pakistan, Business women online meeting

Most profitable business opportunities in Pakistan are always available, and a man selling fries on a cart can earn up to RS 4 to 5 thousand in a day by selecting a posh area. Pakistan’s population has touched the number 220 million, of which 70% is middle class and is the driving force for domestic business. Moreover, the active buyer numbers are also about 70% of the whole population of Pakistan.

As covid 19 has destroyed the world’s economy, and Pakistan’s economy is also affected, it’s the best time to guide Pakistan’s driving force to start a small business in Pakistan in an entrepreneurial way. New innovative best business ideas in Pakistan are the components of starting an entrepreneur. This blog will discuss the best creative ideas for a person who wants to become an entrepreneur. There is a list of innovative domestic best business ideas in Pakistan.

Most profitable business in Pakistan

  • Poultry Farming
  • Coffee Shop
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Day Care Centre
  • Girls Hostel
  • Fish Farming
  • Solar Energy
  • Organic Farming
  • E-Book Publishing
  • online tutoring
  • E-commerce Site
  • Freelance writing

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

In 1962, the Commercial poultry business started in Pakistan, and it became one of the most demanding industries from an agro-based sector, having more than 1082 billion rupees in investment overall. The poultry business in Pakistan provides employment and income to about 1.5 million individuals directly or indirectly. Due to the lowest price from all meat sources, poultry attracts buyers and fulfills the protein requirements.     

The small poultry business in Pakistan has four different sectors listed below.

Hatchery (Chicken breeding)

Egg production (layer breeding)

Feed production for poultry

Meet production (Broiler breeding)

These sectors require different skills and investments to start. First, you must understand the business requirement and select a sector to start a business. If you are confident that you can manage all four domains and have enough investment to do business in all four categories, it’s perfect to start a business in all four types. Otherwise, you just chose a type that attracted you and learned skills to handle that specific sector. Now we are going to discuss the requirement to start a business in the poultry industry.  

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Poultry Farming methods

Several methods are used for poultry production, just like in earlier days; Farmers used to bring up the chicks for the whole year to produce poultry, but now the time has changed drastically. Poultry production has become a business. We need labor, land, feed, chicks, and other raw materials to produce poultry commercially.   

Skills required for poultry production

When dealing with livestock, we have to learn some skills about birds’ nature, for example. This suitable environment includes the temperature and humidity of the shed, the type of feed that is feasible for the bird in a specific atmosphere, and last but not least, diseases that are more likely to attack the bird, precaution, and vaccination for it.

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Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

The comprehensive world surveys show that coffee demand increases daily and ranks just after crude oil. The most profitable business in Pakistan of coffee has grown to about 300% in the last decade. Moreover, the coffee shop business no more remains only for popular and expensive brands. If anyone thinks of starting a most profitable business in Pakistan and has an investment or is an entrepreneur, he can plan for a coffee shop.

The coffee shop is a service-type business where you will directly interact with the final customer. So, you must be very careful to hire labor and location because these two factors will affect customer satisfaction.        

Factors for a coffee shop Business Plan 

We are enlisting the factors you need to focus on while making a business plan for a coffee shop.


First, you must list raw materials and equipment necessary to launch a coffee product, for example, a coffee maker, mugs, tables, chairs, a shop, labor required, energy requirement (electricity), etc.


Look into the market and point out an area where the gap is available for coffee shops, and potential customers frequently visit the place.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing, Most Profitable Business in Pakistan

Now we are in that era where every business needs marketing strategies; if you want to sell your product, you must show the customers what it is. However, the marketing strategy has changed due to the use of social media excessively. Now organizations make a combo marketing strategy that comprises traditional marketing tactics like billboards, TV ads, promotional items, corporate gifts, and digital marketing.

Digital marketing is also affordable for most profitable businesses in Pakistan. They do not need to hire professional actors to make an ad or do not need to place a big-sized billboard in a rush area; they need to hire someone who knows about digital marketing. Digital marketing is the best online business in Pakistan with small investment. Here is the point you need to focus on for providing digital marketing services. We focus on

Before starting the digital marketing business, we focus on the topics you need to understand. Digital marketing is another option for most Profitable Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023

Highlighted points

  • First, you need to clarify your business’s size for making a business plan.
  • Now list the raw materials desirable to start digital marketing, e.g., computers or laptops, internet connection, employees according to your organization size, tables, chairs, electricity connection, mobile phones, etc.
  • Find the potential customer for your digital marketing business and point to your target audience who will use the products your customer will offer.
  • The digital world is changing rapidly, and you must remain vigilant about digital marketing innovation to become more successful. 

Day Care Centre

Child daycare center, Most Profitable Business in Pakistan

The ratio of males and females in Pakistan’s population is about 50%. It’s hard for a single person to feed the whole family in Pakistan’s metropolitan cities like Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. So, working women support their families, and they need a place where they can leave their children without worry. Now daycare center is the best business in Pakistan. Before starting the daycare center business, you should make a business plan that includes the following points.

Firstly, please find out the suitable market for this business which may be the posh area of any metropolitan city where married working women live and do a job to support their families.

Propose the number of kids and ages you will build a care center. After that, you may make a list of necessary items for this business which may include the following: Building, Nuns, other staff, toys, playhouse, child-sized recliner, small-size tables, baby chairs, tricycles, kitchen, oven, etc. you should declare an emergency exit to ensure the safety of the children. A Daycare center is another option for most Profitable Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023.

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Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel

As we discussed earlier, working women’s problem is that girls moving from their homes to metropolitan cities for study have a problem living. Furthermore, the number of student girls is increasing day by day. This increase provides chances for entrepreneurs to start a girl’s hostel business which is the best business in Pakistan. Now we have to make an outstanding business plan for this opportunity. Now we will discuss the requirements to start a girl’s hostel most profitable business in Pakistan.

Start with the market survey and arrange a building near a university or girls’ college.

Arrange beds according to rooms and the proposed number of girls to be facilitated in the hostel.

Provide other facilities like uninterrupted electricity, internet, study room, kitchen, etc.

Make a strict policy for the entry and exit of the girls. Additionally, Place a rigorous procedure for visitors to see their children like a filled form and place a visitor’s picture. Arrange a separate room for visitors. A girl hostel is another option for most Profitable Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023.

Fish Farming

Fish Farming

Historically fish farming was started centuries ago, about 6000BC, for food purposes in regions like Australia, Asia, and Africa. Fish has an introduction as an animal that breathes and lives in water. Fish is a vertebrate animal (Having backbone), and mostly they breathe from gills and have scales and fins. Fish comprises about half of the total population of vertebrate species. Fish has a high protein level while a low-fat level. That’s why it is known as a healthy food.

Cow and Kati dung is the primary raw material used to produce fish on a farm. Moreover, Many fish farmers use urea to increase productivity and improve water quality, affecting growth. Fish meal, an artificial feed, is used to feed the fishes on a farm worldwide, but these meals are expensive, which will directly affect the cost of production, and we will not recommend these meals according to the market of Pakistan. Yet this option is available for those entrepreneurs who can manage all expenses better to compete in the market. Moreover, you have another option for most Profitable Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy

Solar energy utilization worldwide has increased in the last decade as it gives cheap energy, and we can produce it on a small scale just for a home. Pakistan produces energy from furnace oil, which is expensive and has had load shading in the last decade. Solar energy is the best online business in Pakistan if you have an investment because you can order online and install it.

 Here is the list of raw materials usually used to start the business of solar energy system, e.g., PV panels (12W or 24W) withstands, Battery backup with invertor, change over for shifting Wapda to solar and solar to Wapda, Worker who can install PV panels mechanically and connect the home appliances electrically (mechanic). 

Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Organic farming is produced using only natural or biological resources and avoiding artificial sources like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Artificial resources have increased the production of agricultural goods, but it harms human health.

Health reason is a driving force that attracts humans to avoid products produced from artificial resources and eat organic products. 33% of Pakistani farmers have shifted their production method to organic farming because it’s healthy and returns a high profit. You can produce organic food on a small scale by adopting tunnel farming practices and can earn more money. Moreover, this is the best online business in Pakistan as these products can sale online in Pakistan. Organic farming is a most profitable business in Pakistan.

E-Book Publishing

eBook image

Reading skills always help build writing skills, but if you are an excellent writer knowing to write a book in soft form, E-book publishing is one of the best ways to earn money in this pandemic. You need to buy a laptop or computer and start your E-book today because many websites will allow you to publish it for free, like amazon. E-book publishing’s earnings depend on your content’s quality, which can go for 500US dollars monthly. E-Book publishing is another option for most Profitable Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring, Most Profitable Business in Pakistan

Education mode was changing in the last ten years from traditional to online. However, it drastically changed after the covid 19 attacks on the world’s population. Educational institutions have been closed since last year, and we do not know how long they will remain closed. Suppose you have any skill  (graphic designing and others)  or are an expert in mathematics, Biology, chemistry, physics, art, commerce, or any other discipline.

 In that case, you can start online tutoring by registering with one of these websites, pakistantutor.com or Studentpark. Pk and The tutors. Pk. Online tutoring is another option for most Profitable Businesses to Start in Pakistan in 2023.

e-commerce Site

ecommerce, Most Profitable Business in Pakistan

Technology changed the world into a global village, and traditional business has converted into e-business swiftly after the internet came. E-commerce started in the USA and moved to other parts of the world, including Pakistan. The scope of online business in Pakistan has increased after Covid-19 due to the lockdown of traditional businesses worldwide. You can have low inventory as compared to the standard retail industry. You need to understand the choice of the customers who are your target audience.

Moreover, develop a website according to your target customer and offer them quality products at affordable prices and on their doorstep. Here is the list of the products in demand on the internet for your convenience: electronics, books, jewelry, shoes, food items like groceries, gift items, and much more. If you cannot afford a website, the social media plate form is the best option for you, like Facebook or Instagram.

Traditional retail businesses are now converting into e-commerce sites. The convenience, low inventory costs, and broad scope will do its best business in Pakistan in 2023.

Freelance writing

Freelancing writing, Most Profitable Business in Pakistan

Writing is an art; writers play with words according to their tastes, situation, and mood. Moreover, a writer can think and imagine a story and draw it on paper with his words; on the other hand, they also have the talent to listen to a report from others and produce it through words or if we give them only a title of the story, and they can write a novel.

If you can play with words, then freelancing writing is a far better option because the investment is very short, and you can easily earn up to Rs 50000 per month. You have to buy a good laptop or computer and an internet connection. You can sign up with the following website (Fiverr, Upwork) and explore them to get work or write content for websites.

We discussed all about most profitable business in Pakistan.

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